The credit discussion – take advantage of personal advice

Whether property, house and apartment or renovation of a property: Each of these financing is usually a life’s work. Competent advice should not be missing here. In a personal conversation with bank advisors and real estate experts, you can go into detail about your situation and have the financing that is right for you.

Banks, savings banks and credit intermediaries in Austria now support their customers in a variety of ways in all matters relating to residential finance. Sure, on the one hand, this is their business. But you also have a keen interest in risk-free and successful lending. Because it is not uncommon for prospective property buyers and home builders to misjudge the long way to their own home, especially when it comes to financing it. After all, we are generally not all experts in building loans and real estate financing.

Experts conduct thousands of counseling interviews every day, enabling countless Austrians to fulfill their very personal living dreams. You should also benefit from this expertise of the experts and arrange a detailed financing discussion. You no longer have to go to a bank branch in person to do this. Personal financing advice is also different today: conveniently by phone, in online chat or by video conference.


What advantages can you expect from the loan discussion in detail?

Flexible appointment arrangements if necessary

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Construction finance is meanwhile often compared via the Internet and also concluded. But when questions arise, good advice is often expensive. So make an appointment on-site, by phone or online when you really need it.


Quick and secure credit approval or rejection

Online approval, including a credit check on a building loan, is usually quick today. Sometimes, however, loan applications are also rejected just as quickly. In the consultation, you can find out about possible reasons for the decision here and explore arrangements or alternatives together with the credit expert.


Independent objective property evaluation

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Which loan amount is really possible due to the desired building object? Answering this question yourself is usually not easy. Real estate experts will help you evaluate your dream property – after all, alongside your personal credit rating, this is the most important security for financing. Once underestimated, this can have serious consequences for years.


Competent interest rate advice and comparison

In the end, the key factor in any real estate financing is, of course, the interest rate. Explored as an annual percentage rate, this also includes all possible fees, costs and expenses. Nevertheless, you should get detailed information from the specialist over many years, especially in the case of large sums. What is currently better for me: variable or fixed interest? And are there interest caps or a maximum interest rate?


Flexible repayment of the loan

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Your building loan should not only offer the best interest rates and suitable installments. Individual repayment options are equally important. In addition to the monthly installment, how much can I make in annual repayments? What happens if I suddenly have to pause at my rate? Can I completely redeem the real estate loan if necessary? And what does it cost me? Personal advice from the bank or broker on the details of the repayment will help you quickly.


Many terms – explained step by step

Annuity loans, maturity loans, effective interest rates, mortgages, fixed interest rates, acquisition costs, equity, prepayment penalties and, and, and: And who finances a property has to deal with a number of complicated financial terms. Have this explained to you in person. Ask about what applies in individual cases and what this means for you and your credit.


Loan documents and personal support

Loan documents and personal support

After all, it is important to keep numerous documents, documents or applications ready, especially when it comes to construction financing. From the current loan application to housing subsidies – competent advisors provide you with a clear list of all the necessary documents and take the time to answer your questions, concerns and personal requests.


Conclusion for your bank meeting: Introduce your own topics and goals

What advantages can you expect from the loan discussion in detail?

A personal loan discussion can bring you many advantages – and not just when it comes to real estate financing. All questions and problems relating to financing can be answered here and you can get a loan for your home loan faster and better. But important: do not go blindly into such a consultation. Prepare well and set your own topics and goals in advance.

Because the credit expert, on the other hand, knows exactly which topics to address and what he wants to achieve. In practice, unfortunately, the friendly bank advisor often determines the topics in the order that suits him and controls the discussion and advice. No optimal negotiating position for the desired financing.