A singing star emerges from the Kalk Bay metro

Morne Holland has been partying in the streets of Kalk Bay and Simon’s Town for years, PHOTO: Supplied

Living across the street in the quaint village of Kalk Bay, Morne Holland has been entertaining locals and tourists alike for years.

With luck, Holland was accepted to take part in the Beyond Busking program at the Cape Town Arts Festival (CTAF), where he was chosen to learn songwriting under the mentorship of Clive Ridgway, which has now led him to write and publish his own original song.

“I have been busing for five or six years in Simon’s Town, Green Market Square and Kalk Bay to support my family.

“And it’s not always that the busking goes well, like today, but we’re entering the holiday season soon, so it should pick up.”

After auditioning for the Beyond Busking program organized by the Cape Town Arts Festival, Holland completed his songwriting course with flying colors.

The 13-week pilot consisted of training that included vocal development, life mentoring and stage presence, with the CTAF resulting in a new hit song “I am a Busker”.

“Beyond Busking is a program to help buskers get noticed because there are so many singing, talented and doing it for extra income,” Holland said of the program.

“I joined the auditions and went, although it was my first time going to Good Hope Castle and after that the songwriting program.

“Thanks to this program, I had the opportunity to write my own song.”

Yusuf Ganief, CEO of the Festival, describes Holland as “likely to become a sought-after artist and songwriter”.

“He will most likely become a sought-after singer, songwriter and performer, moving beyond the life of a struggling busker to becoming a professional musician in his own right.”

His new song “I am a busker” is a tribute to all struggling buskers with a delightfully Capetonian sound, Ganief added.

“Many of us have heard the rich baritone sounds of Morne’s voice wafting out of the Kalk Bay Underground.

“With his newfound creative talent and songwriting ability, that may not be the case for much longer. We are thrilled with the new partnership between the Waterfront Busking Program and the Beyond Busking Project.

He added that the Western Cape has a “wealth of talent” performing on the streets.

“With an uplifting program like the Beyond Busking project, an exciting journey of transformation for a select few street musicians, we see how small steps in the realm of skill development and opportunity can change the destinies of individuals whose situation seems hopeless.”

“If we have changed the lives of a few buskers, they in turn can inspire others.”

The Cape Town arts festival is set to kick off at the Castle of Good Hope on Saturday October 29, where Morne will perform alongside other buskers and star performers, including top local musicians, poetry workshops and performances .

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