Best Lawyers in Better Call Saul, Ranked

You better call Saul is a renowned show with a global audience. The premise and its characters are loved, with some fans even preferring it to the series that started it all: breaking Bad. No one could predict the lust and plot of a show about lawyers and lawyers about a show about a man with cancer cooking crystal meth and creating a drug empire.

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As a Saul Goodman spin-off, You better call Saul is a smart and exciting watch. The show leaves behind evil enemies in favor of lawyers and lawyers, whom Jimmy McGill must swindle and rip off to get out of situations. Some of these lawyers feature prominently in You better call Saulbut who is the best of all?


8 Erin Brill

Erin Brill is first introduced as a freshman associate at Davis & Main. Erin Brill has a great career full of potential ahead of her, as long as she doesn’t take Jimmy McGill’s classes to heart, and follows her professional path. What makes her the lowest ranked lawyer on the list is the fact that she is only a freshman associate, with little to no experience in any case, not to mention of a case as important as the Sandpiper Crossing case.

Erin possesses great respect and procedure for following proper legal procedure and conduct. She seems very hostile to Jimmy McGill, who often tries to cut corners for his own benefit. Erin was assigned to “help” Jimmy McGill, making her competent enough to guard an older, more experienced lawyer.

seven Bill Oakley

Bill Oakley’s career is no joke. For twelve years he worked as an assistant district attorney and became famous for putting an end to Albuquerque coffee robberies while serving in the General Crimes Unit.

With twelve successful years behind him, Bill Oakley is a great lawyer and remains largely unchallenged in his field. Where Bill Oakley falters is his lack of pursuit of a better career. When Bill discovers Jimmy McGill’s work at Davis & Main, he overflows with jealousy, never being able to pursue such work himself.

6 Principal Clifford

Clifford Main demonstrates great competence in his field. As founder and senior partner of his law firm, Davis & Main, Clifford and his law firm are highly respected in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Clifford is a good guy and offers Jimmy McGill great opportunities in his business. Even offering him a super bonus, an expensive office, a company car and a super office. However, Jimmy abuses his kindness and Clifford is forced to fire him.

Clifford is a great lawyer and fights for the Sandpiper Crossing case, which is supposed to settle in the millions of dollars range. Where Clifford falters is his inability to see Howard Hamlin, a close business partner, as trustworthy during Jimmy and Kim’s schemes. However, this does not insult Clifford’s intelligence and professionalism.

5 Richard Schweikart

As co-founder of the law firm Schweikart & Cokely, Richard Schweikart presents himself as a great professional and the principal lawyer of Sandpiper Crossing. Richard Schweikart has many years of experience behind his back and a talented law firm to help maintain the best outcome of a bad situation for his clients.

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Richard Schweikart is a man of great respect and does things by the rules. However, that doesn’t stop Richard Schweikart from wasting court time, trying to bury Jimmy and Chuck in paperwork to keep the Sandpiper Crossing case from settling. It just shows his effectiveness as a lawyer.

4 Howard Hamlin

As a corporate attorney from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Howard Hamlin is the owner and CEO of the leading Albuquerque-based law firm, Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. As Managing Partner and Senior Partner, Howard helped build Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill into a highly successful law firm. Their offices were stunning and their business was booming.

Howard Hamlin was excellent in his profession, and his professional courtesy extended outside of work. He was always punctual, polite and intelligent. Howard was able to see through the Jimmy McGill scams on several occasions.

3 Kim Wexler

When Kim Wexler graduated from law school, funded by Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, she was inspired to continue her legal work at the law firm and become a partner there. Her legal career as a lawyer was highly appreciated by her many clients and she devoted all the time she had to them.

Kim Wexler has been hailed as an efficient and highly skilled lawyer with strong negotiation skills. However, her downfall was her absolute love of Jimmy McGill and her corruption of the fun she had in a partnership with Slippin’ Jimmy on the law itself. However, Kim’s professionalism prevailed and she did what she had to no matter the loss.

2 Chuck McGill

As co-founder and named partner of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, Chuck McGill is a successful lawyer at a prestigious law firm. Chuck holds the law in the highest regard, perhaps more than anyone. Chuck has great intelligence and a brilliant attention to detail in the finer things. Chuck will do the right thing no matter what, because he sees it as the only path to success.

There may not be lawyers like Chuck. The man knows the law like the back of his hand, and his sophistication alone is what wins courtrooms. However, his electromagnetic hypersensitivity is his downfall, as is his distaste and hatred for his own younger brother, whom he can only see as Slippin’ Jimmy.

1 Saul Bonman

Formerly Jimmy McGill, Saul Goodman’s downfall into a “criminal” criminal lawyer began in his youth. Saul Goodman’s name is a play on the phrase “everything is good man!” and if someone has Saul Goodman as a lawyer, then everything will be fine. There’s nothing Saul can’t get his client out of. As long as they pay the fees, not with American Express.

What makes Saul Goodman such a brilliant lawyer is the fact that he is a crook, who doesn’t care if he has to bend the law, or even break it, to free his client. Saul stands above the law and his intelligence is one of the greatest. Saul even managed to scam his smart older brother in a legal battle, and now Saul is unleashed in Albuquerque, New Mexico representing the city’s underworld criminals.

You better call Saul airs Mondays on AMC at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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