Brian Hoyer embraces role of mentor for rookie Mac Jones

Bill Belichick wanted a veteran save for the rookie Mac Jones. Brian hoyer bill a T. Ahead of their Week 2 game against the Jets on Sunday, New England signed a contract with Hoyer with the practice squad, promoting him into the active roster. Hoyer was released on August 31 during the last downsizing of the Patriots, the same day Cam Newton has been freed. Hoyer signed with the practice team the next day.

Hoyer’s ability to help Jones’ development has been particularly huge.

“Brian has done a great job for us in all areas,” Belichick said at Monday’s press conference. “He obviously knows offense better than any other player. It helps when performing the play. There’s the coach version, and then as a player there’s an execution. It’s different when you are. a player performing the play a coach trying to tell you how to play the play. Brian understands what the defenses want to do because they are all different. Brian helps me with the things he sees. I have been with a lot of teams, a lot of other coaches, other systems. We talk about plays and situations, and he has some good ideas or ways that someone else has done something that could be something to learn or use. He’s been really good and knows offense well so Mac was able to do a lot of reps and Brian can come in and execute offense when he needs to, whether it’s in games. preseason or in training, without taking a ton of reps so that we can give more to Mac. Since the last pre-season game, it has worked really well too. “

Hoyer, a Big Ten alumnus while at Michigan State, initially entered the league as an undrafted free agent when he signed with the Patriots in 2009. Mainly in a backup role during his six seasons with the club, Hoyer played 24 games. (1 start) for the Patriots and completed 62.7% of his passes for 465 yards (6.2 average) and a two-interception touchdown.

Hoyer started a total of 39 games over his 12-year career, including a 2014-15 streak where he won quarterback competitions against the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans. Most recently, he started a game for the Indianapolis Colts in 2019, as well as his only start for the Patriots in 2020. Additionally, Hoyer was also a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and Bears. from Chicago.

In 70 career games, Hoyer completed 59.2% of his passes for 10,404 yards (6.9 on average) and 52 touchdowns for 35 interceptions. He also ran 106 times for 123 yards and two scores.

Jones is the future of New England. Hoyer is more than willing to help him make it happen, and he’s walked Jones through all the little things that come with starting a NFL franchise starting quarterback.

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“There are a lot of conversations during the days,” Belichick said. “There are meetings. There are before meetings, after meetings, practices, watching a movie of us, watching other quarterbacks against defense that we play. Film of other quarterbacks in other teams in different situations. He presents himself in many levels and situations. I would say Brian did a good job in all of this. “

Sam Marsdale of 247Sports contributed to this report …

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