Is it better to hire a pessimistic lawyer?

Be a defensive pessimist Lawyer Jennifer Warren, who is now the Academic Success Coordinator at Oklahoma City University Law School, says, “defensive pessimism”She practiced in law school frightened her into studying more. “While the overconfident optimist may not see the need to study, the more pessimistic student may be motivated …

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Australian lawyers support Samoa’s independent judiciary

The Law Council of Australia is concerned about breaches of the rule of law in Samoa following the general elections held on April 9, 2021. It is the responsibility of the courts to interpret the Constitution of Samoa and to ensure that questions arising from the elections are resolved through …

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#TwitterBan: threat of lawsuit against Malami lacks legal basis

The threat by Federation Attorney General and Justice Minister Abubakar Malami to prosecute “violators” of the government’s ban on Twitter operations in Nigeria lacks a legal basis, some lawyers argued. The government, through Information Minister Lai Mohammed, suspended Twitter operations in the country on Friday. The crackdown on Twitter came …

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