Mentorship – Farris Law Firm Wed, 22 Sep 2021 17:00:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mentorship – Farris Law Firm 32 32 Unbeaten Brusly looks to continue winning streak as Mentorship looks to stand out | High school sports Wed, 22 Sep 2021 17:00:00 +0000

A team that’s on a roll and one that’s looking to bounce back from a loss on Sunday helps kick off Week 4 of high school football on Thursday night.

“We managed to figure out some things offensively and were able to handle the ball quite well last week,” said Brusly coach Hoff Schooler. “And then we were able to hold out at the end. It was good to see the way we fought.

The Schooler’s Brusly team is one of only three undefeated teams to remain in a competitive District 7-3A race. The Panthers (3-0, 2-0) meet Mentorship Academy (1-1, 1-1) at 7 p.m. at Memorial Stadium.

The game helps highlight a busy Thursday start to Week 4 which includes eight games, including the debut of Liberty District 7-4A (2-0), which hosts Broadmoor (0-2) at Olympia Stadium and the third Southern Lab (1-1) hosting Riverside Academy (0-1) at SU’s AW Mumford Stadium as part of out-of-district action.

On the surface, the 7-3A game between Mentorship and Brusly may not seem meaningful. Brusly comes off a 33-30 victory over West Feliciana. The other teams remaining undefeated in 7-3A are Top Universities and Madison Prep No.4.

Mentorship lost 20-8 to Glen Oaks in a 7-3A game played Sunday at Istrouma. Mentoring coach Keith Woods believes loss and how the Sharks are recovering from it can be important.

“They (Glen Oaks) beat us physically and strange as it sounds we needed it,” said Woods. “Because of the storm and then the (rainy) weather, we couldn’t get out much to train.

“We needed this physical work and we continued it this week in training. Normally you cut back before a Thursday game, but we continued to make more contacts. I hope to see an improvement in our physique this week.

Ryder Rabalais had 231 yards and three touchdowns for Brusly. Sammy Daquano had 449 yards and four touchdowns, as well as 185 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Jeremiah Grimes (16 tackles) and Brayden Veal (23 tackles) lead Brusly’s defense.

Offensive lineman Cameron Jackson and defensive lineman Jason O’Connor help lead the mentorship.

“No, we can’t ignore them,” Brusly’s Schooler said. “Mentorship has been a playoff team before and when you watch them on film you can see the talent they have.”

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Brian Hoyer embraces role of mentor for rookie Mac Jones Wed, 22 Sep 2021 02:36:29 +0000

Bill Belichick wanted a veteran save for the rookie Mac Jones. Brian hoyer bill a T. Ahead of their Week 2 game against the Jets on Sunday, New England signed a contract with Hoyer with the practice squad, promoting him into the active roster. Hoyer was released on August 31 during the last downsizing of the Patriots, the same day Cam Newton has been freed. Hoyer signed with the practice team the next day.

Hoyer’s ability to help Jones’ development has been particularly huge.

“Brian has done a great job for us in all areas,” Belichick said at Monday’s press conference. “He obviously knows offense better than any other player. It helps when performing the play. There’s the coach version, and then as a player there’s an execution. It’s different when you are. a player performing the play a coach trying to tell you how to play the play. Brian understands what the defenses want to do because they are all different. Brian helps me with the things he sees. I have been with a lot of teams, a lot of other coaches, other systems. We talk about plays and situations, and he has some good ideas or ways that someone else has done something that could be something to learn or use. He’s been really good and knows offense well so Mac was able to do a lot of reps and Brian can come in and execute offense when he needs to, whether it’s in games. preseason or in training, without taking a ton of reps so that we can give more to Mac. Since the last pre-season game, it has worked really well too. “

Hoyer, a Big Ten alumnus while at Michigan State, initially entered the league as an undrafted free agent when he signed with the Patriots in 2009. Mainly in a backup role during his six seasons with the club, Hoyer played 24 games. (1 start) for the Patriots and completed 62.7% of his passes for 465 yards (6.2 average) and a two-interception touchdown.

Hoyer started a total of 39 games over his 12-year career, including a 2014-15 streak where he won quarterback competitions against the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans. Most recently, he started a game for the Indianapolis Colts in 2019, as well as his only start for the Patriots in 2020. Additionally, Hoyer was also a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and Bears. from Chicago.

In 70 career games, Hoyer completed 59.2% of his passes for 10,404 yards (6.9 on average) and 52 touchdowns for 35 interceptions. He also ran 106 times for 123 yards and two scores.

Jones is the future of New England. Hoyer is more than willing to help him make it happen, and he’s walked Jones through all the little things that come with starting a NFL franchise starting quarterback.

Get the fastest scores, stats, news, LIVE videos and more. CLICK HERE to download the CBS Sports mobile app and get the latest information on your team today.

“There are a lot of conversations during the days,” Belichick said. “There are meetings. There are before meetings, after meetings, practices, watching a movie of us, watching other quarterbacks against defense that we play. Film of other quarterbacks in other teams in different situations. He presents himself in many levels and situations. I would say Brian did a good job in all of this. “

Sam Marsdale of 247Sports contributed to this report …

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Mentorship as a key management skill in the post-pandemic world, with Dr. Alan Middleton – Leger Tue, 21 Sep 2021 15:02:21 +0000

This webinar is part of Leger’s Conversations with Leger Academic Committee webinar series. These webinars explore the post-pandemic world from the perspective of members of Leger’s academic committee.

Each webinar includes a 30-minute conversation between a member of the Leger Academic Committee and Dave Scholz, APR; Executive Vice-President, Léger, followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session.

On November 10, 2021, at noon Eastern Time, join us for a webinar featuring Dr. Alan Middleton, retiree; Formerly Managing Director, Schulich Executive Education Center; Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Schulich School of Business, York University

In the post-pandemic world, we have seen – and will see – huge changes in people’s work environments: mixed work from home and office, more contract and part-time work, more diversity in backgrounds. and experiences and skills shortages in many areas. In this environment, the old bureaucratic work environments of long hierarchies, siled operations, an emphasis on process rather than achievement, and not providing the training and capacity for frontline staff to make decisions. will not be successful.

Being a great mentor and mentee is now an essential management skill. Alan emphasized the need for a greater emphasis on mentoring in his book published by AMA Toronto this year and will share his thoughts in this webinar.


This webinar is free, but you must register to participate. Not available when the webinar is scheduled? Register and you will receive a recording of the webinar after the broadcast.


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Mentors on ice and in life | Opinion Tue, 21 Sep 2021 02:57:20 +0000

Imagine a two-year-old wearing knee pads, elbow pads, palm guards, a striped ski mask and an oversized bike helmet. All this in addition to the suffocating bulk of snow pants and a puffy puffer jacket. Oh, and a very tight pair of blistering shoes with blades attached to the soles. It was me when my mom taught me to skate.

I learned to ice skate long before I learned to ride a bike. I can do both now, but the adage “it’s like riding a bicycle” sometimes subconsciously translates to “it’s like skating” in my mind. Something I’ll never forget how to do, no matter how long ago.

Recently, during a visit to Portland, Oregon, I had the chance to skate. The ice rink was a small oval in the middle of a mall, surrounded by Forever 21, Cinnabon, and a few other mall favorites. Nevertheless, it was my first time on the ice in over a year and I was delighted. I try to skate several times each winter, but the Covid-19 closures had kept me away.

Later that day, browsing the shelves of Portland’s famed Powell’s Books, I came across the vibrant blue and red cover of “Beautiful On The Outside,” a memoir by former Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. From his writing emerges a witty, formative and unabashedly authentic story of the glamorous and exhausting sides of a career in figure skating. A few glossy pages in the middle are filled with photographs of the characters in his story. Family, coaches, competitors, friends, enemies. The attention he gives to each of them made me think of the people who defined and composed my career; those who have helped to form the most influential images of my own life. In particular, my mentors.

“Mentor” is a pretty difficult term to define in the first place. The teacher is too formal; advise feels too stuffy. Mentoring isn’t just about teaching skills or giving advice, it’s not even just guidance. In sports, you can find a mentor in a coach, or not. As essential as good mentors are, there is no set path to finding one.

The kind of mentor I think of understands, in a meaningful way, your experiences, your emotions, your story. He is someone who shares part of his story with you. Perhaps you have found mentors among classmates, siblings, or teachers. Think back to the things they told you. I would bet some of the stories really resonate.

In figure skating competitions, the “kiss and cry” is what they call the area that skaters go to immediately after playing to wait for judges’ scores. The name comes from the kisses that follow after receiving good scores and the tears that flow after the bad ones. In the “kiss and cry”, the skater will most often be accompanied by his trainer. It’s times like these, times when you have someone with you to celebrate good and help lighten the burden of evil, that a good mentor really shines.

Mentorship finds a way to travel through the generations. Rippon’s memoir recounts the journey towards his own Olympic dream to become the mentor of a new generation of Olympic hopefuls. I slowly came to understand the role a mentor played during my time at Harvard; perhaps because lately, in the most modest capacities, I have been able to play the role myself for others. I really don’t have any wisdom to impart, but I find myself sharing stories from my early college years with casual listeners. I have accumulated a few of these stories that I think sometimes could benefit someone who is just starting their journey here.

Campus life is so full of this mentorship, this sharing of stories. Navigating Harvard can be so overwhelming, but the mentors I have found through clubs, classes, and chance encounters have been so invaluable. Mentoring can be little things that sometimes you don’t even realize.

If we wrote all of these stories that we have, we would each end up with our own memories. But for now, let’s continue to share them with each other. Don’t hesitate to find mentors in the most unlikely places. Learn from their stories; this sharing is essential to the vitality of our community. Like riding a bike (or skating) some of these stories will be remembered and become part of yours – become part of you.

When my mom brought me a two year old to the rink, she didn’t just teach me how to skate. Once upon a time, long before I was born, she was a competitive skater. She shared this part of her story with me.

William Y. Yao ’22, a former Crimson Technology Chair, is a Concentrator of Applied Mathematics at Kirkland House. His column “A Memoir Of Our Own” appears every other Tuesday.

Have a suggestion, question or concern for The Crimson Editorial Board? Click here.

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Arctic Launches Employee Mentorship Program As Part Of Strategy To Increase The Number Of Women In Leadership Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:14:23 +0000

Arctic, the Romanian household appliance market leader, has launched a mentoring program developed in partnership with Professional Women’s Network Romania, as part of its strategy to increase the number of women at all management levels by up to 10% over the next 5 years.

The Inspire project targets middle management staff in the Arctic with at least three years of experience leading a team. At the end of a selection process, participants will be matched with mentors who have already accumulated recognized managerial experience that they are ready to share.

Inspire Project will run for six months, starting in October 2021, in hybrid mode – online and offline. Arctic invests in the development of leadership skills of its employees, as the company is committed to increasing the number of women at all levels of management.

The program is an initiative of the Arctic women’s community in partnership with Professional Women’s Network Romania, an association with well-known expertise in developing mentoring programs for women.

Arctic Women Community was created in 2020 in order to contribute to the professional and personal development of women in the company, while sharing good practices in the field of diversity and inclusion.

We aim to create a community of women who are connected, thrive by sharing experiences, and we take concrete steps to help women within the organization realize their potential. A balanced representation of the sexes in all decision-making structures is essential to ensure a better future and represents a victory for society as a whole. The arctic women’s community is another example of our efforts to foster a sustainable corporate culture, based on diversity, inclusion and transparency.Said Murat Büyükerk, Managing Director of Arctic.

“The partnership with Arctic is an important step for us in promoting women to leadership positions. On the one hand, we are happy that the Arctic company is interested in creating a community of women who must be supported in their careers. On the other hand, we are honored with this partnership, which is an important recognition of the relevance and effectiveness of PWN Romania’s mentoring program. We are confident that together we will form a great team and that the women who enter the mentoring program will receive all the tools they need to build a successful career., said Virginia Oţel, co-chair of PWN Global.

Mentoring is a powerful tool for personal development and an effective way to help employees advance in their careers. As an industry leader and a premier employer, we believe it is extremely important to capitalize and develop the talent and skills of our female colleagues. Arctic believes in the added value of women and gender balanced leadership. An organization in which the potential of women is supported is able to better respond to the challenges of an ever-changing worldAdded Maria Tătaru, Director of Arctic Human Resources.

“The PWN Romania mentoring program occupies a privileged position in the Romanian business landscape, a position that we have built over time, with a lot of perseverance and dedication. It is the only program in Romania that offers inter-company mentoring opportunities, being a complementary alternative to the internal programs of each company. With a success rate of over 75% and more than 2,000 volunteer hours accumulated in each edition, our mentoring program not only provides mentors with valuable business experience, but also a whole community that offers support and advice ”, Paula Bușe, Vice President of PWN Romania Mentoring, describes the program.

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This non-profit organization’s mission is to mentor a billion students around the world Sun, 19 Sep 2021 11:00:23 +0000

I travel the world looking for stories to read about companies that are a real force for the good of humanity and our planet.

That’s why I’m HAPPY to introduce to you Deborah Heiser, Founder and CEO of The Mentor Project ™.

The mission of Deborah Heiser and The Mentor Project is to use the world’s most precious natural resource. Our experts in STEAM, law, business and finance work to mentor more than 2 billion students for FREE worldwide. Our mentors pass on their knowledge and skills to change the trajectory and overall impact of the next generation.

Their impact to date? Over 61,000 students online and in person have benefited from free mentoring from experts from the United States, Argentina, Russia and India.

Let’s dive into the deep end.

Diana Tsai: What problem are you solving?

Deborah Heiser: We’re creating equal access to global expert mentors for students around the world who would otherwise never have access to this kind of knowledge base. Our mentors go to schools, create online content, develop and mentor hackathons, develop lectures, pitch contests, podcasts, television and virtually mentor individual students. We do this for FREE so that all students have an equal opportunity to access global experts.

Tsai: What’s the MEASURABLE IMPACT you’ve made so far?

Deborah Heiser: We have served 61,000 students in 4 countries (USA, Argentina, Russia and India). Half of our students live in underserved communities.

A story I love to share about how our mentors and partners are changing communities: At schools in Robeson County, one of the poorest counties in the United States, we partnered with Embedded Ventures, which has donates 8-bit computers to three classrooms. 8-bit computer assembly instruction by Jenna Bryant as part of their technology program. This live program was also broadcast live on twitch. Following this, we partnered with Ad Astra to create a chapter of the National Stem Honor Society to further their growth in STEM.

Tsai: Can you share any other stories about how you’ve transformed lives through your work?

Heiser: At the height of the pandemic, one of our mentees came up with the idea of ​​patenting a doorknob that didn’t require the use of hands to open it, was able to get a patent for his vision with the mentors Jura Zibas and Bob Cousins. Bob, the prolific innovator, and Jura, an IP Superlawyer, worked for free with this mentee on the necessary forms, the required research, all the details needed to file a patent. A patent is impossible for most people, but because they worked with him every week for free, he could get a patent pending! And, for a 16-year-old, it’s a life-changing experience. The world opened up for this mentee with possibilities, new confidence and new skills. He plans to apply to college to pursue his passions for technology and innovation.

I also want to share a story about the impact of our work on our mentors. Bill Cheswick, the “Father of the Firewall,” said to me, “I want to go to classrooms to teach quantum mechanics to grade 4 students. Bill, well known the world over, well known the world over, had time to mentor but couldn’t find children to mentor for his world-changing cybersecurity job. He just didn’t have access to young children. Bill’s life changed as soon as he started going to school. He went there as often as the schools could get him. One school named the day it arrived “Ches Day”. He drove his Tesla from his farm in NJ to the Bronx, Long Island and schools in New Jersey. Bill became invigorated, productive and enthusiastic about planning programs from elementary school to high school.

After the pandemic hit, he had to stop going to schools, but now that they’re reopening, he’s ready to hop in his Tesla to travel to North Carolina for in-person mentorship at schools. Bill is happy and productive and knows his expertise is not wasted which has been transformative.

Tsai: What personally motivated you to start this business / organization?

Heiser: As an expert in applied developmental psychology and aging, I have come to think of mentoring from a mentor’s perspective. Research shows that we are built to want to give back to others by the time we hit our forties (when we become experts). Erik Erikson invented this stage in our Generativity lives. In my coaching practice, I continued to meet people with expertise but without the possibility of a mentor. A friend introduced me to Bob Cousins ​​(the guy who patented the way we use credit cards on the internet and was named inventor of the year 2020), and he introduced me to countless innovators who also did not have access to mentees. Bob and I founded The Mentor Project to connect mentors with mentees.

Tsai: A little vulnerability – how do you take care of yourself to be the best version of yourself for the world?

Heiser: I surround myself with intelligent, generous and supportive people. The most useful way to relieve stress has been exercised. I also joined a pickleball team.

Tsai: Where do you see your organization in five years?

Heiser: I see The Mentor Project reaching a million mentees in 3 years and I think we will be in at least ten countries in five years.

Tsai: How can readers get involved / support / help?

Heiser: Get involved by going to our website. If you would like a mentor, click our Request a Mentor button. Visit our website if you want to access our podcasts, video content, participate in a hackathon or a conference. You can also apply to become a mentor by contacting us through our website. Access our podcasts on all major platforms.

Learn more and take action:

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Flint-area company launches apprentice mechanic program to provide mentorship and career opportunities Sat, 18 Sep 2021 14:01:34 +0000

FLINT TOWNSHIP, MI – A new apprentice mechanic program launched this summer by a Flint-area company will provide mentorship to learn skilled trades and a lifelong career path for those participating in the program.

The nationally recognized program, Mechanic Apprentice Program, which was launched in June by Curbco, will offer one-on-one mentorship.

The program allows apprentices to “try out” a career while earning money, according to a press release from Curbco.

Apprentices will learn while working with a real team at Curbco’s main headquarters, located at 3145 S. Dye Road, Flint Township.

“Curbco is dedicated to the communities where we work and live. And we’re proud of our commitment to building stronger, safer and better educated communities, ”said Keith Kirby, President of Curbco. “This new apprentice mechanic program is an essential part of that vision. We are delighted to train and mentor residents interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Completion of the program will result in a national diploma from the US Department of Labor. Curbco has four other apprenticeship programs pending Ministry of Labor approval.

“The value for the apprentice is that they can rest assured that this is a standardized learning material for the industry. DOL apprenticeships in the United States are equivalent to a college degree of similar duration, ”Kirby said. “In addition to a great education, they start making money from day one. They will earn a nationally recognized degree without going into debt.

Some of the certifications include a Michigan State Certified Light Truck and Heavy Truck Mechanic, Commercial Driver’s License, Operator’s License, and Michigan State Pesticide Applicator License.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED to apply.

Curbco, Inc., which was formally formed in 1985 under a previous name, specializes in commercial / industrial snow removal services, parking lot sweeping, pressure washing, landscaping, horticulture, repair infrastructure and construction works.

In the early 2000s, Curbco Sweeping, Inc. was established and integrated with municipal-type services, which included street sweeping. The two companies combined employ at least 60 people in summer and up to 100 in winter.

Learn more about MLive:

Career fair in Flint on Thursday has more than 100 employers looking to fill 2,000 positions

Superheroes Prepare for Flint Race to Help Raise Money for Abused Children

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The programs of the Montclair Festival and Lady Filmmakers; Wave Grants Open – Film Briefs – Deadline Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:30:00 +0000

The first films in the program for the Montclair Film Festival were unveiled on Friday, with the 10th annual New Jersey festival opening with Wes Anderson’s The last dispatch October 21 and closing October 30 with Jane Campion’s The power of the dog.

The festival, which will take place in person with vaccinated and masked participants, will also feature Western by Jeymes Samuel The more they fall as the centerpiece of fiction on October 22, and will welcome New Jersey native Dionne Warwick and director Dave Wooley for a question-and-answer session following the screening of Non-Fiction Centerpiece, Dionne Warwick: Don’t give up on me.

This year’s festival will also feature a free outdoor screening of The Mitchells vs. the Machines October 14 and a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 30 in the new arthouse room of organizer Montclair Film, The Clairridge.

Beyond the 2021 festival sets; “Sankofa” obtains a 4K restoration via an array; Buffalo 8 acquires “Dreams On Fire”; More – Film files

Tickets for Montclair Film members go on sale September 27, and public tickets go on sale October 1. More info here.


The 13th annual Festival of filmmakers will launch five days of in-person and virtual events next week in Beverly Hills with world premieres by Juliet Landau A place among the dead and the documentary by Josh and Rebecca Tickell The revolution generation in the lineup of more than 120 films that celebrate and honor women filmmakers and the men who collaborate with them.

To qualify for the festival, films must have at least one woman in the role of writer, director, producer, cinematographer, production designer or editor.

A place among the dead explores the repercussions of growing up under the influence of narcissism and emotional abuse. Gary Oldman, Ron Perlman, Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen star in the photo, which includes an appearance by Anne Rice. The revolution generation stars Michelle Rodriguez and Shailene Woodley and explores how today’s youth can revolutionize the systems that have exploited and failed them.

The festival comes after Lady Filmmakers introduced a subscription streaming service on Film Festival Flix with long and short films, live action films, documentaries and animated films.

For the full schedule and tickets, click here.


Wavelength Films launched the third year of its WAVE grant initiative, a $ 5,000 grant and mentorship program that aims to help a first-time female or non-binary filmmaker of color produce their first documentary or narrative short. A total of five winners will be selected this year, up from three in 2020, and submissions must be sent by December 1.

In addition to the grant, Wavelength provides mentorship in the production, development and post-production of the filmmaker’s short film as well as a fundraising and distribution strategy.

In addition to the WAVE grant (which stands for “Women At the Very Edge”), the producer-financier founded by Jennifer Westphal Wavelength is behind the winner of the special jury of the Sundance Film Festival. Cusp, the winner of the documentary of the Tribeca Film Festival Socks on fire, and doc feel good man and Athlete A.

More details here.

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‘Girls’ mentorship offers an alternative vision’ | Bombay News Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:14:27 +0000

Bhavna Pandey, 13, from Hyderabad, aspires to become an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer. Nothing extraordinary about this ambition, except for Pandey’s circumstances: she studies at St Albert High School, described as a “private school on a low budget” by its principal, B Sunitha Kumari. Most of the parents of students are day workers or blue collar workers like Pandey’s father, who is a driver. During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the school struggled to secure funds to deliver groceries to families, who were hit hard by the lockdown. Yet for Pandey, it was the pandemic that ignited her ambition.

In 2018, Varsha Adusumilli, a BITS-Pilani graduate and entrepreneur, wrote a book called Wonder Girls, which told the stories of 15 young women who had chosen jobs and careers despite obstacles. I was struck by the book and felt convinced that every Indian girl should read it. Meanwhile, Soumya Jain, the founder of iTeach Schools, a non-profit educational organization, expressed interest in introducing the Wonder Girls book as part of the high school curriculum. When an opportunity to teach the book in the classroom arose, I offered to sponsor the supply of 5,000 copies. That same year, Varsha launched the Wonder Girls Foundation program in partnership with fellows from educational nonprofits Teach For India and iTeach.

Aparna Piramal Raje

Fellows taught the book as well as the school curriculum to educate teenage high school students about young female role models from various professions. During the pandemic, the Wonder Girls team brought the program online to facilitate direct in-class interaction with models: Since August 2020, more than 250 one-on-one sessions have been held with 92 teachers in schools across the country. .

Pandey and her classmates had a live call lasting an hour each with five women – an IAS officer, scientist, actor, captain and software engineer based in the United States and working for a giant of search engines. One of those five speakers was Apurva Pandey, an IAS officer who achieved 39th rank in the Union Civil Service Commission and who made a strong impression on the teenager.

“We could see the challenges these women faced in their lives. Our families have suffered a lot from the pandemic. But these women motivated our children in such a way that they started to dream big and to feel more confident, ”said Kumari, the manager of Pandey.

The importance of encouraging young women cannot be stressed enough, especially as the pandemic has seen women move out of the formal and informal workforce as well as out of the classroom.

The State of Working India 2021: One year of Covid-19, a report from the Center for Sustainable Employment at Azim Premji University finds that “women were much more likely to lose their jobs and much less likely to recover than men. .. While 61 percent of men completed the program with no effect [employment] trajectory during this period, the corresponding figure for women was only 19%. Additionally, while only 7 percent of men followed a non-recovery trajectory, the figure for women was 47 percent. Women were also much more likely to experience delayed job loss even after the lockdown compared to men. The report was based on data collected by the Indian Economic Monitoring Center (CMIE), which tracked labor force participation rates in the formal and informal work sectors.

As early as March 2020, UNESCO warned that “the economic hardships caused by the crisis will have ripple effects, as families consider the financial and opportunity costs of educating their daughters … education must prioritize the needs of adolescent girls and risk undoing 20 years of progress made in girls’ education. Millions of adolescent girls in India are vulnerable to early marriage, trafficking and violence; the Covid pandemic has only exacerbated the conditions under which such practices could flourish.

Considering what young women across the country face, how can a mentorship program really help? It is imperative that young women and the systems within which they operate – schools, peer networks, families and larger communities – recognize their capacities and capacities. Encourage teenage girls to aim higher, show them alternatives are possible.

“Just randomly saying, ‘I want to be an IAS officer’ and working there are two different things. Apurva Pandey shared all the preparations she has made to become an IAS officer, starting in grade five. She gave a lot of great advice that some are following, ”Kumari said.

A 2017 study by the Girl Scout Research Institute in the United States, which could be considered a proxy program, found that “having a supportive adult in Girl Scouts is particularly beneficial for girls of socioeconomic status (SSE ) inferior. In our study, Girl Scouts with low SES were significantly more likely than non-Girl Scouts with low SES to say they have an adult in their life who helps them pursue their goals, ”which is critical to professional success.

“I see a lasting impact. The program opened up a dialogue and space for different conversations outside of academics. It’s a good platform to talk about the success of women in different fields, ”says Varalakshmi Ayyagari, a former Teach for India scholar who taught the program in Hyderabad.

Individual stories of serious hopefuls, like Pandey, regularly make headlines in India. What is needed is sustained social and economic mobility for all adolescent girls and young women.

(The author is a columnist at Mint, author and senior advisor to the Wonder Girls program).

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Ansaldo Energia joins mentoring program to advance digital skills Fri, 17 Sep 2021 12:19:06 +0000

The Italian power generation company, Ansaldo Energia, has joined the European Union’s digital volunteering program, to support the digital development of SMEs.

The European Digital Volunteer Program started in April 2021 and aims to connect SMEs and large companies (mentors) to bridge the digital skills gap and simplify access to a pool of talented and qualified professionals.

Each mentor will help an SME solve digital challenges and support its digital transformation processes.

Did you read?
Digital transformation or digital evolution?
Digital transformation – Big data, big thinking

To this end, Ansaldo Energia will mentor ATLA, an Italian company specializing in the production and repair of high-tech gas turbine components for aerospace, defense and industrial applications.

Ansaldo Energia will support ATLA in the development of an innovative digital procedure to inspect hot gas components, assess the condition of the material, collect all the key data to configure a digital twin to improve the design of the components, thus extending their lifetime.

“The digitization of processes and businesses is – at this historic moment – a crucial element of innovation and represents the key to achieving the ambitious goals of ecological and energy transition indicated by the European Union”, declares Daniela Gentile, vice-president Innovation and Quality president of Ansaldo. Energy.

“However, there is a need for digital transformation processes to be pervasive throughout the manufacturing industry, from large to small and medium-sized enterprises; that is why Ansaldo Energia immediately joined the Digital Volunteer Pilot Program.

“The digital transition is a fundamental asset for the growth of SMEs and, consequently, for the entire supply chain: it is impossible to imagine sustainable growth and development of the European economy without it”.

We look forward to seeing you in Milan

Enlit Europe will bring together the energy community during the live event in Milan (November 30 – December 2, 2021). register here

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