Chef Wayne Carrington, founder of Vibe N Slurp, talks about finding inspiration and acting on it

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Tangible mentorship – Chef Wayne Carrington has always been a service man. His background as a New York City police officer provided him with a unique perspective that he incorporated into his restaurant company’s mentorship program, which prepares participants to run a real restaurant.

Lifelong learning – Wayne Carrington has found a way to expand his already extensive knowledge base. Constantly learning and implementing what he can, where he can, has been key to his success.

A family matter – The entire Carrington family, including daughters Mia and Laini, work in tandem to keep their restaurants running smoothly. Chief Wayne understands that he is not in the position he is in now without his family.


The movie Ramen Girl didn’t really rock the box office in 2008 when it was released. However, the film was not a total failure.

Police officer-turned-Chief Wayne Carrington credits the film with inspiring his entry into the ramen restaurant business that resulted in his ingenious Roc n Ramen concept.

“I discovered ramen in 2014, all based on a movie.” Chef Wayne Carrington said on the Restaurant Influencers podcast hosted by CaliBBQ Media’s Shawn P. Walchef.

Wayne Carrington immediately took action by asking his daughter to find the family a ramen restaurant to go eat. “I had never been there,” he said.

The family walked to a local New York spot in the rain. The place had a line literally out the door and down the block. After 4 hours of standing in the rain with umbrellas bought from a street vendor, the Carrington family finally entered the restaurant to sample the popular ramen.

Wayne Carrington’s instant attachment to the ramen business turned out to be more than just a dream. It was life changing.

“I can honestly say it was life changing,” the restaurateur said. “I went ahead and befriended a few ramen shop owners in hopes that they would teach me how to do this. Well, unfortunately, that never happened. So I decided to learn how to make a profit.”

This pursuit of passion and common sense mixed with tenacity nurtured for years in the NYPD was the perfect elixir. Wayne Carrington managed to turn a random idea inspired by an obscure movie into Roc-n-Ramen in just a year. It also allowed him to tap into the knowledge and wisdom of hospitality giant Danny Meyer, who became a mentor.

The Carrington family, all of whom work within the company, have branched out into a new franchise space with the 2021 launch of Vibe N Slurp, an innovative fusion concept that blends classic Japanese ramen with Caribbean flavors .

With a new spin-off concept, Bunz-n-Dumpz, on the horizon, Chef Wayne Carrington fully understands the importance of growth in creating new hospitality leaders. His mentorship program takes in disgruntled restaurant workers and gives them the opportunity to learn the business from the ground up. In the end, ending with the tools to manage any of its stores.

Ingenuity and innovation are the necessary complements to inspiration to create something special. It’s a bonus to be able to take this trip with your family, and that’s exactly what Chef Wayne Carrington did.

As he explains, “I didn’t do it myself. Okay? I can’t thank Chief Wayne. I have to thank my wife and daughters for being there.”


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