cji: CJI recalls the contribution of lawyers to the drafting of the Constitution, the fight for freedom, indicates that the percentage of lawyers in Parliament is declining

India’s Chief Justice UU Lalit said on Sunday that the percentage of lawyers in parliament was falling, while the majority of founding fathers associated with the country’s constitution were from the legal profession. He was speaking at a congratulatory program hosted here by the National Law University of Maharashtra, Nagpur.

Recalling the great leaders of the past who were lawyers and their involvement in the drafting of the Constitution, the CJI said the percentage of lawyers was declining in both Houses of Parliament.

“Our country has seen and benefited from legal talent, right from its struggle for freedom. A lawyer has normally been exposed to the right way of thinking about how to find solutions to social problems or constitutional issues. He is better equipped than others to deal with situations facing society,” the CJI said.

“That is why the former servants of India and her society and the freedom struggle were mainly lawyers. Today the percentage of lawyers in both houses is declining,” he said. he declares.

He said that the pyramid of judicial structure must be heavy at the bottom, while it is at the top right now in the country.

“All the talents are at the top level, while unfortunately in the middle and lower levels young people and talented lawyers do not come. We have to have a heavy pyramid of the judicial structure,” he said. .

Responding to a question, while interacting with law students, on whether the justice system was moving in the right direction, the CJI said, “Ours is a country governed by the rule of law. Everything justice will prevail and that’s the kind of ethics this country stands for and the justice system is no exception.”

When a case comes to court, the hammer should fall on the culprit and whoever was wronged should get the umbrella of protection, he said.

“This is the job of the judiciary and we will strive to do it,” said the CJI.

Stating that there is a disconnect between district judges and the upper judiciary, he said there needs to be a system where the two groups can mingle because “that disconnect has to go.”

MNLU Registrar Ramesh Kumar Chamarti delivered the vote of thanks.

Justice Lalit was sworn in as the 49th Chief Justice of India (CJI) last week and will serve until November 8.

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