DLaw’s accomplished employment law firm now helps employees in Bakersfield, CA.

LOS ANGELES, September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Top-Rated Employment Law Firm, Davtyan Law Firm (www.d.law) brings its dedication to helping employees Bakersfield, California. DLaw opened its doors more than seven years ago with the main objective of protecting the rights of the working class in the Los Angeles Region. Since then, DLaw has focused on helping as many people as possible facing employment issues, such as workplace harassment, discrimination, unpaid wages, and unfair dismissal. Their dedication and experience is what sets them apart from other labor law firms in the Bakersfield Region.

Opening of an office in central california is important to the Founder and General Counsel by Emil Davtyan ever-growing mission to provide the California workforce with accessible legal services.

DLaw also has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, San Luis Obispoand Chicco to protect all Californians from abusive employers.

Since its inception in 2015, more than 50 DLaw attorneys and employees have helped hundreds of thousands of California workers recover nearly a quarter of $1 billion of their employers. To date, the firm has helped prosecute nearly 3,000 cases.

“Hourly and low-wage workers are a collective group of people who make up the backbone of America,” Emil said. “These hard-working people often don’t have the resources and means to pursue their valid claims because employment law provides for bullying. If someone has been the victim of unfair treatment at work, they can consider it the best place to help. We are always a phone call or online visit away to answer questions and offer free advice.”

DLaw’s new office is located just outside Downtown Bakerfield at 4900 California Avenue Tower B, 2nd floor. Bakersfield, California 93309

DLaw specializes in the following areas of labor law:

Wage and hour claims — California has strict laws regarding lunch breaks, breaks, overtime, expense reimbursement, after-hours work, minimum wage, and more. These laws change frequently and can be confusing.

Harassment and discrimination at work — Employers are not allowed to discriminate or harass, based on certain protected categories such as race, age and gender. Additionally, California protects more classes, including immigration status, sexual orientation, and others.

bad ending — There are several types of wrongful termination, including discrimination, breach of contract, sexual harassment, and workplace retaliation.

Protected Leave Violations – California employees are entitled to a variety of protected leaves, including FMLA (family and medical leave), new parental leaves, military service leave, and more. California leave laws protect employees from unlawful discrimination, harassment, or retaliation as a result of a request or protected leave. Employees have the right to take this kind of leave and employers cannot take certain actions simply because they have exercised this right.

Workplace reprisals — Workplace retaliation occurs when a company takes negative action against the employee who initially filed a complaint. If an employer punishes or terminates an employee for exercising their employment rights, this is considered workplace retaliation and may be illegal.

Are you a California employee being treated unfairly at work? If so, please call 888-TRY-DLAW, visit www.d.law website or email [email protected]. A representative is available to you 7 days a week to meet your legal needs in terms of labor law.

SOURCE Davtyan Law Firm, Inc.

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