Dutch startup HalloLex raises €500,000 to help new entrepreneurs with their legal document needs

North Brabant, Netherlands-based HalloLex, a startup powering legal services through digitization and automation (SaaS), announced that it has raised €500,000 in a new funding round .

The startup legaltech says the funds, raised from angel investors, will be used to further grow the business.

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HalloLex founder Bas van der Werf says: “Especially in combination with the substantial investment, this is confirmation that the market is demanding renewed services and that we are on the right track. With the investment we received this month, we want to make our services better and more accessible. We will also focus even more on automation, especially Software-as-a-Service.

A personal advisor for legal documents

Founded in 2019 by Bas van der Werf, HalloLex helps entrepreneurs with legal documents such as contracts, GDPR agreements and terms and conditions.

Most of the business community in the Netherlands is made up of self-employed people who generally do not use legal service providers due to high costs. Thanks to HalloLex, they have access to packages containing all kinds of legal documents.

Van der Werf says: “Although we are strongly committed to digitization and automation, we make the difference with our human approach. HalloLex always legally checks the ordered document before storing it in the customer’s digital file, which is unique. Contracts with provisions that are contrary to the law are therefore a thing of the past for our customers. Our service is a balanced blend of data and human intelligence.

HalloLex, which works mainly for the self-employed and SMEs, now has fourteen people on board, all with legal training. With the fundraiser, the startup is looking to onboard two in-house developers who will be engaged in further developing proprietary software and streamlining dashboards and digital workflows.

The startup says this will benefit white-label environments for organizations that work a lot with legal documents. In this way, HalloLex connects lawyers with ICT professionals, with an applicable product and possible process optimization as a goal.

Innovation in the sector

According to the 26-year-old entrepreneur, the legal sector urgently needs innovation. He says: “In our opinion, the sector innovates too little. HalloLex wants to optimize legal services by generating legally valid documents in an intelligent way. Not in jargon, which the average entrepreneur or employee has trouble understanding, but in plain language. Clear, accessible and refreshing: that’s how we are.

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