Extensive applications to level gender disparity in agriculture

Women who want to improve their leadership skills to help close the gender gap in agriculture still have time to apply to the National Farmers Federation flagship program for diversity in agricultural leadership.

The mentorship-based initiative aims to meet the NFF’s goal of doubling the number of women in leadership roles in agriculture by 2030 – a goal the industry is on track to meet and which was rightly celebrated at a five-year anniversary dinner for the program. .

The NFF’s first female president, Fiona Simson, said the program has exceeded expectations, with more than 120 women applying for first-time admission and interest growing each year, while attracting industry attention, with global agribusinesses on small representative organizations. the partners.

“These partners are driving change by tackling the gender pay gap, improving parental leave, introducing board quotas, providing more flexible workplaces , creating dedicated breastfeeding rooms and ensuring that women are represented on recruitment committees.

“Last week, we announced the 41 women I am so proud to call Diversity Leadership Program Alumni in Agriculture. Women with diverse skills and backgrounds, all driven by a vision for the future of Australian agriculture.

“I look forward to seeing what our cohort of 2022 will take from the program and continue to achieve, as I know our sector and regional communities will be the best for their contributions. »

Alex Thomas is one of the program’s changemakers, graduating in 2020. Alex is based in the South Australian region and founded #PlantASeedForSafety, a rural social change initiative for Australians and New Zealanders.

“Immersing myself in the intellectual powerhouse that is the Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program is nothing short of a boost. A much-needed boost of confidence, inspiration and connection that has empowered me to take bold and necessary steps in both my business and my personal life.

The Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program offers 12 women an intensive five-month one-on-one mentoring opportunity. Applications are open until April 25. Learn more here https://nff.org.au/programs/diversity-in-agriculture-leadership/

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