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MURFRESBORO, Tenn. – The art of teaching comes to life in the classroom and MTSU education students are front and center thanks to mentors from partner districts Murfreesboro City Schools and Rutherford County Schools who welcome students into their classrooms and under their wings.

To honor and recognize the work of these educators, a College of Education faculty committee coordinated with education students to surprise four of them with a Mentor Teacher Achievement Award in time to Teacher Appreciation Week in early May.

From Murfreesboro City Schools, Ashlee Barnes from Hobgood Elementary won the elementary award and Lori Chew from Salem Elementary won the special education award. From Rutherford County Schools, David Bonilla of Whitworth-Buchanan Middle won the middle school award and Brooke Singleton of Rock Springs Elementary School in La Vergne, Tennessee, won the early childhood award.

The committee developed the new award to give back to teacher mentors, said Shannon Harmon, associate professor of education.

“We wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the teachers whose classes we work in and who welcome us, and our (student) teacher candidates with open arms,” ​​Harmon said. “They deserve so much more than this recognition, but this is just one way we hope they know how much they mean to us and the contestants.”

To select the winners, the committee asked education students to tell them about teacher mentors who go above and beyond to make a difference in their classrooms and to support the work of the College of Education.

“The committee met, used a rubric to grade submissions, and selected at least one recipient per program in our department,” Harmon said.

Barnes, a fourth grade teacher at Hobgood, had no idea she was up for an award.

“What a great recognition!” Barnes said. “It’s a huge honour. I always thought that mentoring was a good place for me. Being recognized for it just lets me know that I’m doing well.

Originally from Smyrna, Tennessee, she was a mentor teacher for seven years and mentored 12 education students.

Bonilla, a seventh-grade English teacher at Whitworth-Buchanan, said mentor teachers are a bridge between teaching and learning.

“They are experienced, high-level teachers who can show you best practices and help you find the right solutions,” Bonilla said.

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Bonilla was also surprised by the victory.

“I think teaching is something you can fall in love with, but part of that is the support you get in those tough times. I hope to be someone who can support others and help them fall in love with teaching,” Bonilla said.

Salem’s Chew, a specialist teacher and native of Smithville, Tennessee, left accounting to become a teacher 10 years ago to make a difference in the lives of others and mentor education students to help encourage and support new teachers entering the field.

“Winning this award means having more confidence to be a mentor teacher again in the future,” Chew said. “It gives me confidence that I am providing the support my resident teacher (student) needs.”

Troy, Tennessee, a Singleton native who teaches kindergarten in Rock Springs, felt truly honored to receive the award.

“As MTSU alumni, it is so gratifying to be recognized for the successes of the program that deepened my passion for education and shaped me as a teacher,” Singleton said.

Singleton added that her student teacher, her very first, also taught her a lot as an educator.

MTSU’s Harmon pointed out that the college’s partnerships with mentor teachers and school districts are critical for education students.

“They are essential in preparing future teachers to be successful in their coursework and their first years of teaching,” she said. “We simply cannot prepare our candidates without them. These teacher mentors don’t have to put one more thing on their plate, but they do…. They are heroes who deserve all the recognition!

This first year of the award being a success, the committee plans to continue it next year.

“Mentoring teachers may never know the impact they have on their students or on their student-teacher candidates,” said Pam Ertel, associate professor of education and committee member. “Now more than ever, we want teachers who have remained engaged in their work and their students to be valued and respected.”

To learn more about opportunities at the College of Education, visit the website https://www.mtsu.edu/education/ and the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MTSUEducation/.

What happened to wanting to become a scientist? A doctor? A lawyer? https://farrislawfirm.com/what-happened-to-wanting-to-become-a-scientist-a-doctor-a-lawyer/ Tue, 10 May 2022 11:03:20 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/what-happened-to-wanting-to-become-a-scientist-a-doctor-a-lawyer/

WHEN I was young, I was repeatedly asked what I would like to be when I grow up. I almost always told everyone that I wanted to be a scientist because some days I also wanted to be a pilot or an astronaut. My sister wanted to be a doctor, but she discovered that the medical field was not for her, so she decided to become a lawyer. It was difficult for her to finish law school, but it all paid off when she passed the recent bar exams. And no one could have been prouder than our whole family.

Today ask a child what they would like to be when they grow up and you will always hear familiar answers, but many will also say they would like to be influencers or vloggers on YouTube or another media platform. social. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with these dreams, but it kind of reflects the kind of society we’ve become. And I’m embarrassed.

Influence currency is no longer based on reputation and credibility built over time, but on what’s popular right now. And ad agencies encourage this type of behavior by emphasizing engagement rates and reach, more than integrity built over time. Is this wrong? Not entirely. But it begs to be reconsidered in the face of the growing number of kids dreaming of becoming the next influencer or famous vlogger. What happens when every kid’s anthem is “When I Grow Up?” of the Pussycat Dolls? What then becomes of our society? I know that’s an exaggeration, but are we all letting our kids get famous?

Some people would say it’s a generational problem and baby boomers have pushed gen X and millennials to a point where they had to fix what they blamed baby boomers for ruin. And in doing so, they have become independent and self-sufficient. So much so that they think they can do everything by themselves, that they forget that they are part of a community beyond their age group. I’m all for labels and defining generations, but only to the extent that it helps us understand how to work together. It should not be used to excuse bad behavior or unprofessional conduct. Today people are more interested in what they can get out of it than how they can help their group or community. We seem to have forgotten that we are all in this together and that our actions impact our communities.

This “me” mentality has permeated every facet of everyday life and even seeped into the mindset of other generations. Think of the Karens in the United States who challenge socially accepted behavior and insist on what they want because they believe it is their right to do as they please. Or the mainstream politicians in the last election who used every conceivable form of misinformation just to retain or regain power. When people fall victim to these lies, the whole country suffers. Also notice that the Karens and traditional politicians have one thing in common: they do whatever they can to get what they want at any cost because they think they have a right to it. Is this the kind of society we want?

There is a popular story about Margaret Mead, an anthropologist who gave an interesting answer to a question about what she believed to be the first sign of civilization. She replied that it was a thigh bone that was broken and then healed.

In ancient times, if a person broke their leg, they easily became food for other animals because they could not easily escape predators. But one healed person indicated that someone took the time to care for that person. She went on to say that “helping someone else through hardship is the starting point of civilization.” What makes us civilized is our ability and desire to help others.

In a way, this resembles Jean Jacques Rousseau’s concept of a social contract where obedience is subsumed to the general will or the common good. In its simplest form, the social contract means being part of a community of shared values ​​and interests. The common interest of the group is followed, which also means that if a leader usurps his power, people have an obligation to rebel and defend the common interest. In this way, both the ruler and the ruled have a duty to protect the social contract that supports the common good.

What bothers me is how individualism has corrupted the way some people view their communities. Instead of means to build it, they see their communities as a means to an end: to be more popular, richer or more influential. And it hurts me when I hear a kid say they want to be an influencer or a vlogger because they think these people earn so much in such a short time. They think it’s a shortcut to their dream of becoming famous and rich. But in reality, influencers come and go as soon as the next “best” influencer arrives. So what would happen to those that have reached their expiration date in the blogging/vlogging landscape? What do we teach our children that they aspire to be famous and influential more than to be productive members of society?

The values ​​we hold on to and the values ​​we teach our children reflect the kind of people they want to be when they grow up. If we don’t lay a good foundation for the next generation, everything will fall apart. But if we build a community that depends on each other and improve everyone’s ability to help others, we form a foundation that can support the next generation of lawyers, teachers, nurses and other professionals who serve the common good. Your current job may not reflect your childhood dream, but I hope it reflects the same childlike hope to make a difference to help others.

Picture credits: Aqviews on Unsplash

Controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI, banned from supporting most private customers, operating in Illinois for 5 years https://farrislawfirm.com/controversial-facial-recognition-company-clearview-ai-banned-from-supporting-most-private-customers-operating-in-illinois-for-5-years/ Mon, 09 May 2022 18:29:00 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/controversial-facial-recognition-company-clearview-ai-banned-from-supporting-most-private-customers-operating-in-illinois-for-5-years/

Clearview AI, the Manhattan-based developer of a highly controversial facial recognition tool, agreed on Monday to stop providing its technology to most private customers and cease doing business in Illinois for five years as part of of a settlement in a lawsuit filed in Cook County.

The lawsuit was filed by the ACLU and its Illinois chapter in May 2020, just four months after The New York Times reported that Clearview had removed billions of photographs from popular websites to create a facial recognition app. unprecedented that counted both law enforcement and businesses as subscribers.

The ACLU alleged the technology violated Illinois’ strict Biometric Information Privacy Act, or BIPA, which protects the facial and fingerprint IDs of current and former residents from use without consent.

“Companies like Clearview will end privacy as we know it and must be stopped,” said Nathan Freed Wessler, deputy director of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, at the time.

Under the settlement, Clearview will be permanently prohibited from making its massive database available to most businesses and private entities in the county, except those that adhere to the provisions of the Act. Statement regarding the retention, collection, disclosure and destruction of biometric data.

Additionally, it prohibits the company from selling access to any Illinois entity for five years, including law enforcement and other government agencies.

A Buzzfeed News review found that many of the company’s 105 customers in Illinois were local law enforcement, though the report noted that the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and the Cubs of Chicago have also used the software. The Chicago Police Department previously entered into a nearly $50,000 contract to use the software that was discontinued about a month before the Cook County lawsuit was filed.

“This settlement demonstrates that strong privacy laws can provide real protections against abuse,” Freed Wessler said in a statement Monday. “Clearview can no longer treat people’s unique biometric identifiers as an unlimited source of profit.”

Lee Wolosky, an attorney representing Clearview, called the deal a “huge win” for his client.

“Clearview AI will not make any changes to its current business model,” Wolosky, of Jenner and Block, said in a statement. “It will continue to expand its business offerings in accordance with applicable law. And it will pay a small amount of money to cover advertising and expenses, far less money than it would cost to pursue litigation.”

Chicago law firm Edelson PC filed suit on behalf of a slate of plaintiffs specifically seeking to protect domestic violence survivors, undocumented immigrants and other vulnerable communities “solely harmed by acknowledgment surveillance facial,” the ACLU said.

Edelson previously secured a $650 million settlement with Facebook last February after a federal class action lawsuit in California alleged its use of facial recognition to tag photos violated Illinois’ biometrics protection law, marking a major victory for digital privacy advocates. The social media giant later announced that it was shutting down its facial recognition system.

Clearview’s deal will likely have more serious implications for the business model of the shadowy startup, which has already drawn public scrutiny and a deluge of federal lawsuits, including others alleging violations of the law. from Illinois.

The company had shifted to marketing solely to law enforcement and recently rolled out a new version of its app, which allows subscribers to upload a photo and compare it against a database of more than 20 billion. photos taken from the web. But the company also has detailed plans to start attracting new business customers.

The Washington Post reported in February that investors had proposed an “expansion plan” focused on increasing sales in various business sectors.

Then last month, Ton-That told The Associated Press that Clearview was exploring a side venture that would allow companies to use the company’s algorithms to verify a person’s face for banking and other business. other purposes. He insisted the company would not implicate the huge cache of images, which he continued to collect despite strong opposition from regulators, social media companies and advocates.

In a statement, Ton-That said Clearview’s database “is only provided to government agencies for the purpose of solving crimes,” adding that the company will only sell to private companies in accordance with Illinois biometrics law.

“We have notified the courts of our intent to provide our unbiased facial recognition algorithm to other commercial customers, without the database, in a consent-based manner,” he said. “Today, facial recognition is used to unlock your phone, verify your identity, board a plane, gain access to a building, and even for payments.

“This settlement does not prevent Clearview AI from selling its unbiased algorithm, without its database, to commercial entities on a consent basis, which is BIPA compliant.”

Brexit rights reform and freedoms expected in Queen’s Speech | News https://farrislawfirm.com/brexit-rights-reform-and-freedoms-expected-in-queens-speech-news/ Mon, 09 May 2022 10:35:16 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/brexit-rights-reform-and-freedoms-expected-in-queens-speech-news/

An overhaul of the Human Rights Act 1998 following government consultation – but not the report of last year independent review – should feature in the Queen’s Speech tomorrow. News reports over the weekend indicated that the legislative programme, which is expected to set the stage for the next general election, will also contain a long-awaited ‘Brexit Freedoms Bill’ as well as reform of the planning.

According to a Law Society briefing, the promised Bill of Rights will establish in law that national courts “may take into account” decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. It may also seek to replace Section 3 of the Human Rights Act with “a more restrictive limitation” on how judges can interpret legislation where it is apparently inconsistent with international law. The bill is likely to also include provisions for the automatic deportation of foreign criminals.

The speech is also likely to announce:

  • A Brexit Freedoms Bill to create a mechanism to deal with EU legacy rules to remove “the special status and supremacy of EU law within the UK legal system”.
  • A Leveling and Regeneration Bill to codify the government’s white paper on leveling up. It would cover decentralization measures, a government requirement to report annually on leveling missions and elements of the now dead planning bill to support regeneration in less prosperous places, potentially compulsory purchasing powers and support for the reuse of industrial wasteland.
  • An economic crime bill to include reform of Companies House and limited liability companies, powers to seize criminals’ crypto-assets and money laundering information sharing.
  • A Mental Health (Reform) Bill would aim to give people greater control over their treatment and reform the detention process, improve care and treatment while a person is detained and give them a better support to challenge the detention if she wishes.
  • A state threats bill would reform official secrets laws, create a foreign influence registration system and give new powers to the security services. It is designed to prevent countries like Russia and China from operating secretly in the UK.

Other measures that may feature in the speech include free trade bills to cover new international trade agreements that require additional primary legislation; a Victims Bill, an Online Safety Bill and a Data Bill, which would reform EU legacy laws with a focus on reducing unnecessary barriers.

Among the proposed measures that would have been dropped from the Queen’s Speech is an Audit Bill that would create a new regulator of audit firms. The planned audit and corporate governance overhaul was drawn up in response to a series of corporate scandals, including retailer BHS in 2016, contractor Carillion in 2018 and cake chain Patisserie Valerie in 2019.

Distinguished HBCU Alumni Advise New Grads – US Black Engineer https://farrislawfirm.com/distinguished-hbcu-alumni-advise-new-grads-us-black-engineer/ Mon, 09 May 2022 02:04:46 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/distinguished-hbcu-alumni-advise-new-grads-us-black-engineer/

It’s graduation season again, and here’s a roundup of the latest happenings at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with ABET-accredited schools.

Florida A&M University: Spring Opening Speaker St. Petersburg Mayor Kenneth T. Welch reminded graduates of their obligation to help their communities succeed and thrive.

Sybil Crum, FAMU alumnus and Vice President of Disneyland Resort, explained to the thousands of people gathered in a multi-purpose center the values ​​that graduates will need to stand out in the years to come. The list includes authenticity, tenacity, courage, restlessness, resilience, and optimism.

Alabama A&M University: The Spring Opening Ceremony was held on Friday, May 6 at Louis Crews Stadium. According to a Huntsville, Alabama television station, the historically black college expected more than 600 students to attend the graduation ceremony with 475 undergraduates and 152 graduate students.

Howard University: The 154th Launching Ceremony took place on Saturday May 7th. The Dig at Howard University reported that over 1,950 degrees were awarded, including 1,225 undergraduate degrees and 711 graduate degrees. Howard has also awarded 85 research doctorates, including 58 doctorates. degrees. Graduates represented 43 states and 22 countries.

Hampton University: President William R. Harvey was the 152nd launch speaker on Sunday, May 8. This was Dr. Harvey’s last launch. For 44 years he served as president of Hampton University, making him one of the longest serving presidents.

Jackson State University: The Spring 2022 launch was the last week of April 29. Guest speaker Thasunda Brown Duckett, President and CEO of TIAA, urged graduates to “stay intellectually curious, invest in mentorship, and have a strong financial future.”

Norfolk State University: Actor Keith David inspired 465 graduates at Norfolk State’s 108th launch.

Tuskegee University honored this year’s graduates during a week of launch activities. The undergraduate ceremony featured Dr. David Wilson ’77, ’79 as guest speaker.

Vice President Kamala Harris, a graduate of Howard University, delivered remarks at the Tennessee State University Launching ceremony of the first spring cycle on Saturday May 7th.

In her speech, she urged graduates to be in the halls where decisions are made about building the platforms for the next phase of technology and conducting research that will lead to the next medical breakthrough.

“We need you to run businesses and make decisions about who has access to capital,” the vice president continued. “We need you to serve at the highest levels of government. We need you to work in our hospitals, in our courtrooms and in our schools. And so, when you’re in these rooms, my advice is to be true to yourself. Hold on to the values ​​that your grandparents, your parents, your pastors and your neighbors instilled in you. Have the courage and conviction to follow your moral compass.

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Leaked Beergate memo could exonerate Starmer, lawyer says | Keir Starmer https://farrislawfirm.com/leaked-beergate-memo-could-exonerate-starmer-lawyer-says-keir-starmer/ Sun, 08 May 2022 18:27:00 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/leaked-beergate-memo-could-exonerate-starmer-lawyer-says-keir-starmer/

A lockdown rules lawyer has said a leaked document showing Keir Starmer attending a pre-arranged meal in Durham during an election could be used to clear the Labor leader of allegations he breached the law.

The document, published by the Mail on Sunday, shows an 80-minute dinner with Labor MP Mary Foy, complete with a curry to take away, was on her schedule.

The newspaper claimed the document showed the event was organized in advance, “so no different to the No 10 events”.

The Tories argued the memo was proof the meal broke lockdown rules, as it showed it was scheduled to take place between 8.40pm and 10pm, not just a spontaneous decision to order from the food.

But Adam Wagner, a Doughty Street Chambers human rights lawyer, said he did not believe the leaked memo showed Starmer broke the rules.

“Seeing that this was a planned event as part of the Leader of the Opposition’s visit to Durham – during a local election campaign, an event focused on his attendance with a local MP and his staff, and it was evening and food was ordered because it was evening – not sure how that could be a breach of the rules.

“The regulations permitted any gathering reasonably necessary for work or voluntary activity. And obviously the whole purpose of this visit was for the Leader of the Opposition to visit local activists and the local MP and all of that is planned.

“So the police would have to say, ‘Well, we disagree with Labor’s analysis of what was reasonably necessary for the leader’s trip to Durham’ and I doubt they can really go behind it. this reasoning,” he said.

“The problem with the Downing Street events was that they were pre-arranged social events.

“Those being investigated are those for whom it is quite obvious that the purpose of the event was social – a Christmas party, a going away party, a birthday party.

“Considering that the fact that this [Starmer event] is pre-planned, I think shows the opposite. This shows that the purpose was political.

He also argued that the event was analogous to the Downing Street rally where Johnson and his staff were photographed drinking wine and eating cheese in Garden No 10 where they allegedly discussed labor matters.

This event was not investigated by the Met, Wagner pointed out.

Wagner said Durham Police’s decision to launch an investigation could lead to Boris Johnson being asked to release his timetable.

“Are they going to look at the Prime Minister’s schedule and every time he ate, on trips to various constituencies during last year’s local elections, and ask if this event was reasonably necessary?” he said.

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Durham Police are also expected to explain why the force is investigating Starmer two years after the event when they declined to investigate Dominic Cummings due to a policy of not taking “retrospective action”, Wagner said.

He added: ‘The first question for Durham Police is: what is their policy and do they apply it consistently?

“I think it would be illegal if the reason they’re investigating is because they’re under a lot of pressure from the newspapers and politically.”

Another prominent attorney said he believed the leaked memo put Starmer in a difficult position.

Matthew Scott, who publishes under the name BarristerBlogger, tweeted: “This is embarrassing for Starmer. The curry was planned in advance, at the end of the working day.

Priti Patel’s Rwanda plan for UK asylum seekers faces first legal challenge | Refugees https://farrislawfirm.com/priti-patels-rwanda-plan-for-uk-asylum-seekers-faces-first-legal-challenge-refugees/ Sat, 07 May 2022 21:30:00 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/priti-patels-rwanda-plan-for-uk-asylum-seekers-faces-first-legal-challenge-refugees/

The first legal action has been launched against Priti Patel’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda as the UN refugee agency raised concerns that the UK ” invites” other European countries to adopt the same divisive immigration policy.

Filed last Tuesday, the legal challenge says the Home Secretary’s proposals breach international law and the UN Refugee Convention, as well as UK data protection law.

Lawyers believe Rwanda’s plans are a ‘publicity stunt’ to discourage people crossing the Channel in small boats. Patel refuses to release key framework documents explaining which migrants may be eligible for deportation.

Larry Bottinick, UNHCR’s acting representative in Britain, told the Observer“We fear that they [the British] invite all their European counterparts to do the same. I can understand from their perspective why they would do this – it would give such transactions greater perceived legitimacy if others did the same. Denmark has already shown interest in outsourcing parts of its asylum system to Rwanda.

Bottinick added that Britain would welcome other countries that follow suit, as it would mean even fewer refugees going to northern France. He warned: “This would increase pressure on states neighboring conflict zones which are already hosting the vast majority of people seeking refuge.

The action was launched by the law firm InstaLaw. The Home Office has three weeks to respond and the process could lead to Patel being challenged in the High Court. Stuart Luke, a partner at InstaLaw, said their case was based on an Iranian asylum seeker who believes he would face an extremely difficult time if sent to Rwanda. “He could be the only Iranian in the country, there is no network there, no community, no one who speaks the language. How will he get out of this, survive? How will he find a job, get an education? says Luke.

The Home Office initially assured it would not deport him until May 10 – but on Friday the ministry backtracked and said it was not seeking to deport him.

Bottinick said the UNHCR had “serious concerns” about how the Home Office and Rwanda intended to integrate non-African asylum seekers who made up the vast majority of arrivals in the UK. United.

“There will be such basic issues as interpretation for Vietnamese and Albanian speakers. Major arrivals to the UK also include Iranians, Iraqis and Syrians. We have serious concerns about Rwanda’s ability to integrate these groups.

The legal move came as campaigners accused Patel of “racist” and “inhumane” Rwandan policies during his appearance at a Conservative Party dinner. The Home Secretary was speaking at a dinner party hosted by Bassetlaw Conservatives in Nottinghamshire on Friday when several campaigners rose from their chairs and denounced her for the policy.

Footage posted to social media shows a woman standing up and saying to Patel: “Priti Patel, your racist policies are killing people. Your plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda are inhumane and will ruin people’s lives. The woman was booed before being taken away. A number of other activists then stood up and made statements.

The Home Office has been contacted for comment.

Legal awareness, health check camp for organized daily bets https://farrislawfirm.com/legal-awareness-health-check-camp-for-organized-daily-bets/ Sat, 07 May 2022 19:14:30 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/legal-awareness-health-check-camp-for-organized-daily-bets/

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The Senior District Judge, Giribala Singh, inaugurated the Legal Awareness and Health Checkup Camp for District Daily Workers. The camp was organized at a construction site in Awadhpuri.

As per the instructions of Legal Services Authority of Madhya Pradesh State, Jabalpur, Shramik Legal Services Week is held from 1st to 7th May in the state.

Giving detailed information about the services of the Workers’ Legal Services Authority, Senior District Judge Giribala explained the ways to avail the services and informed them of the free legal services hotline number – 15100.

Jasmin Ali Sitara, Deputy Labor Commissioner in Bhopal, in his address, gave detailed information to the workers on the programs of the construction workers’ welfare board. Ali also talked about Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana, in which a monthly pension of Rs 3,000 is received after age 60.

Free medicine was also distributed after examining more than 500 health camp workers.

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Posted: Sunday 08 May 2022, 00:44 IST

Westford University College launches mentorship program for students – News https://farrislawfirm.com/westford-university-college-launches-mentorship-program-for-students-news/ Sat, 07 May 2022 05:00:00 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/westford-university-college-launches-mentorship-program-for-students-news/

Published: Sat. 7 May 2022, 09:00

To help bridge the knowledge gap for students, Westford University College recently launched its “Westford Mentorship Programme”. The program is a unique fusion of current Westford undergraduate students as mentees and former Westford MBA students as mentors. The program was launched on April 13 in Pullman, Deira. It was attended by 30 mentees and mentors from a variety of industry backgrounds. It was an exclusive event where students were able to connect with their mentors and vice versa. The mentors showed great enthusiasm in engaging with the mentees, and this event alone set a high benchmark for what to expect going forward from the mentor and mentee relationship.

Hanil Das, co-founder and CEO of Westford University College, said: “The Westford Mentorship Program is a reciprocal learning opportunity between our MBA graduates who are currently in leadership positions in industry and our academics who continue their license. This program will allow mentees to be coached by the mentors, who will share their professional experience, knowledge and skills with the mentees to help them achieve their professional ambitions. The event opened the doors to a world of opportunities for mentors and mentees in terms of leadership and learning. The program is designed to have six individual meetings in six months. Through this initiative, Westford aims to create an empowering platform to engage, connect, grow and network.

Lawyers convict Punjab governor for ‘reference’ against LHC judge – Latest News – The Nation https://farrislawfirm.com/lawyers-convict-punjab-governor-for-reference-against-lhc-judge-latest-news-the-nation/ Sat, 07 May 2022 00:55:31 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/lawyers-convict-punjab-governor-for-reference-against-lhc-judge-latest-news-the-nation/

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) on Friday condemned the announcement by Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema to send a reference against the judge of Lahore High Court (LHC), Justice Jawad Hassan to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC). ).

Hafeez-Ur-Rehman Chaudhry, Vice President of the PBC and Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon, President of the SCBAP, said that Judge Jawad Hassan is an independent, upright, honest and highly competent judge and is an asset to our judiciary and may the lawyers of Pakistan stand by your side. him.

They expressed that it is very astonishing and alarming that the current Governor of Punjab has constantly violated the Constitution and ridiculed the office of Governor, deviated from the Constitution and sabotaged democratic value and standards which had never happened before. in the country since the past. like-minded persons were not permitted to hold such prestigious and higher constitutional office and the governor was to be held accountable for his similar statements and actions and questioned under what authority had departed from the Constitution.

They said Judge Jawad Hassan was not only an independent, honest and competent judge, but was an asset to the higher judiciary and supported by the entire legal fraternity of the country.

They also condemned the smear campaign launched against judges and the judiciary in the strongest possible terms and declared that no one would be allowed to undermine the dignity and respect of judges for small political gains and further swore that if this did not stop, then the legal fraternity reserved the right to take punitive action in order to take the wrongdoers to task.