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Law360 (July 21, 2021, 7:36 p.m. EDT) – Residents of an Illinois town near St. Louis on Tuesday sued their local government and public water district in federal court over decades of alleged problems management systems that have caused sewage to build up their yards and streets and pollute the Mississippi River.

The lawsuit alleges that the predominantly black residents of an area of ​​Cahokia Heights formerly known as Centerville live with sewage that collects in their yards, gushes out of manholes and drains on their streets and into tributaries of the Mississippi following “decades of government failure to provide basic sewage and storm water services” in the area ….

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Idaho Statehouse lawyer ‘Jane Doe’ hopes ethics probe https://farrislawfirm.com/idaho-statehouse-lawyer-jane-doe-hopes-ethics-probe/ https://farrislawfirm.com/idaho-statehouse-lawyer-jane-doe-hopes-ethics-probe/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 23:27:00 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/idaho-statehouse-lawyer-jane-doe-hopes-ethics-probe/ Annie Hightower told 208 that she has never seen so many people address such meanness or harm to a single victim.

BOISE, Idaho – On Tuesday, an ethics investigation into Idaho Representative Priscilla Giddings for her conduct in a previous ethics investigation was announced.

Giddings has revealed the personal information of a 19-year-old intern student at State House who accused former Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger (R-Lewiston) of rape.

The alleged rape victim was named Jane Doe during the ethics investigation of von Ehlinger in order to protect her identity. Her lawyer said Giddings made her real name public, posted a photo of her and posted other personal information.

Annie Hightower told The 208 that in her 13 years of working with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, she has never seen so many people causing so much harm and addressing so much meanness to one. victim.

Hightower said that with the Giddings investigation, there is relief that there may be some responsibility.

“I wish we never had to come here. I wish the behavior didn’t happen in the first place,” she said. “It just shows why people don’t report. The first thing people who experience sexual assault – the number one reason they give they don’t report – is fear of retaliation, and it certainly was. retaliation. my client in danger. “

Hightower added that she hopes the investigation will make people think twice before doing something like this in the future.

“When I spoke to her yesterday, you know, it’s hard for her because she’s ‘Jane Doe’, but she’s also a person with feelings,” Hightower explained. “She is a real person who at this point for many reasons has not been able to tell her story openly beyond what was provided at the ethics committee hearing. “

Editor’s Note: Watch the video above for more on Jane Doe’s lawyer interview.

Join the conversation “La 208”:


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Appointment of corporate partner boosts Belfast law firm https://farrislawfirm.com/appointment-of-corporate-partner-boosts-belfast-law-firm/ https://farrislawfirm.com/appointment-of-corporate-partner-boosts-belfast-law-firm/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:38:10 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/appointment-of-corporate-partner-boosts-belfast-law-firm/

Leading UK law firm Shoosmiths continues its ambitious growth strategy in Northern Ireland with the appointment of rising star business lawyer Grant Edwards as a partner.

Grant is dual qualified in Northern Ireland, England and Wales and has worked with venture capital and private equity funds across the UK on their investments in Northern Ireland. Grant also has considerable experience in clean energy transactions and is uniquely positioned to support the company’s strong renewable energy offering in Belfast.

Grant received three Insider Northern Ireland Dealmakers Awards shortlistings and is described in legal directories as an “Associate to Watch” in Chambers and Partners UK 2021 and in The Legal 500 as “technically very strong and a good negotiator…”

Stephen Porter, Business Manager at Shoosmiths, said: “Grant’s knowledge and solid reputation in the local market for providing superior corporate legal advice and customer service complements our growing national capital practices. investment and venture capital at Shoosmiths, as we deal with increasingly bigger and more complex. transactions.”

Grant said: “The private equity and venture capital sectors are currently very active and given the quality of businesses in the region there are many deals in Northern Ireland. I am delighted to join Shoosmiths at such a busy time and to build on their quality offering to stakeholders in Northern Ireland. “

Shoosmiths has set up one of the UK’s leading venture capital firms, regularly advising over 200 venture capital transactions per year. This success has been recognized with numerous industry awards such as the “Consulting Firm of the Year” award at the Amazon Scale-Up Awards and the “Corporate and Commercial Specialist Team of the Year” award from the Legal 500.

Shoosmiths LLP is a UK law firm with 13 locations across the UK, and 210 partners and 1423 lawyers and business support staff. It reported turnover of £ 154.2million at the end of April 2020. Shoosmiths LLP was named National Firm of the Year at the 2019 Lawyer Awards and was ranked among the top five firms for transaction volume over the past four years in reviewing mergers and acquisitions of Experian MarketIQ.

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The Mississauga Starter Company PLUS program is open! – City of Mississauga https://farrislawfirm.com/the-mississauga-starter-company-plus-program-is-open-city-of-mississauga/ https://farrislawfirm.com/the-mississauga-starter-company-plus-program-is-open-city-of-mississauga/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 19:05:03 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/the-mississauga-starter-company-plus-program-is-open-city-of-mississauga/

Looking for advice, training and support to start or grow a small business? Consider the Starter Company PLUS program at the Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Center (MBEC).

Registration is now available for participants to attend a mandatory information session on August 4 or 5, 2021 to prepare for the fall program.

The Starter Company PLUS program helps people 18 years and older who are interested in starting, growing or buying a business in Mississauga. The program is offered by the Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Center (MBEC). MBEC is a business unit of the City of Mississauga Economic Development Office for the Mississauga region. The program provides:

Free training and development of business skills

Free mentoring and orientation

Possibility to apply for a program grant after completion of mandatory training and mentoring

How to register

To apply for the Starter Company PLUS program in Mississauga, you must confirm your eligibility to participate in the program and attend a mandatory information session. Attendance at the session does not guarantee acceptance into the program or receipt of a program grant. The Mandatory Starter Company PLUS Information Session will provide you with important information about the Starter Company PLUS program in Mississauga, including:

· Eligibility criteria

Program requirements and expectations

Training and mentoring program, and schedule

Information on the program grant opportunity

Program and registration details

About the Starter Company PLUS program

The Starter Company PLUS program is funded by the Province of Ontario and is offered by Small Business Entrepreneur Centers (“SBEC”) similar to MBEC across Ontario that are part of the province’s Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). .

Mississauga’s Starter Company PLUS program will prioritize Mississauga-based entrepreneurs interested in starting a new online business, expanding an existing business to Main Street including retail, bars, restaurants and cafes, and professionals in the creative industries.

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Legal software provider CS Disco values ​​IPO at $ 32, above revised upward range https://farrislawfirm.com/legal-software-provider-cs-disco-values-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bipo-at-32-above-revised-upward-range/ https://farrislawfirm.com/legal-software-provider-cs-disco-values-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bipo-at-32-above-revised-upward-range/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 11:30:00 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/legal-software-provider-cs-disco-values-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bipo-at-32-above-revised-upward-range/

VSS Disco, which provides software for ediscovery, legal document review and case management, raised $ 224 million by offering 7 million shares at $ 32, above the ascending range of 30 $ to $ 31. The company originally planned to offer 7 million shares between $ 26 and $ 29, before increasing the range on Monday.

DISCO provides a cloud-native, artificial intelligence-based legal solution that simplifies ediscovery, legal document review and case management for businesses, law firms, legal service providers and governments. As of March 2021, the company’s solution contained more than 10 billion files and 2.5 petabytes of data, and it used more than 14 billion serverless compute calls in 2021 to process and enrich its data. clients.

CS Disco is considering listing on the NYSE under the symbol LAW. JP Morgan, BofA Securities, Citi and Jefferies acted as associate bookkeepers in connection with the transaction.

The article, legal software provider CS Disco, values ​​the IPO at $ 32, above the revised upward range that originally appeared on the manager’s renaissancecapital.com website. Renaissance Capital IPO investment.

Disclosure of investments: The information and opinions expressed in this document have been prepared by Renaissance Capital research analysts and do not constitute an offer to buy or sell any securities. Renaissance Capital’s Renaissance IPO ETF (symbol: IPO), Renaissance International ETF (symbol: IPOS) or separately managed institutional accounts may have investments in securities of the companies mentioned.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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Why our startup pays for employee mentors https://farrislawfirm.com/why-our-startup-pays-for-employee-mentors/ https://farrislawfirm.com/why-our-startup-pays-for-employee-mentors/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:00:07 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/why-our-startup-pays-for-employee-mentors/

One factor is more important than any other in the success or failure of a startup startup: the skills of the team. But it’s impossible to expect your employees to join in all the skills they’ll need along their journey.

That’s why we make sure that each of our 11 employees has a mentor. On top of that, we are prepared to pay for mentors if needed. The insights, guidance and support these mentors provide to our employees help us make better decisions as a business and help our employees develop as the demands of their roles evolve. Surveys have shown that companies with mentorship increased their revenues by 83% compared to a growth of 16% for companies without mentorship.

It costs us around 5% of our total budget, but every penny is worth it.

Big companies are where people thrive

Although there are excellent examples in Europe of people proactive mentorship seeking On their own, it is still very rare for startup employees to have direct support from their employers to find mentors, even in early stage companies. Our belief is that every employee of a startup should expect founders or their managers to give them access to mentorship.

Being a good manager is understanding where they are headed in life – and how you can play a role in getting them there.

Any founder should understand that employees are not co-founders of the company. They come to the team with their own mission and their own professional and personal development goals that reflect their individual interests. Being a good manager is about understanding where they are headed in life – they won’t work for you forever – and how you can play a role in getting them there. Providing them with mentors is a key part of this.

Everyone at Monite is encouraged to have two to three mentors outside the company to complement the internal mentoring. Employees may have short-term mentors they meet for one or two meetings on a specific issue, or others they meet regularly over a longer period.

Some of the mentors come from our network and others from mentoring platforms like MentorPass, GrowthMentor or The mentoring club.

Some mentors are happy to provide their time and advice for free and some, especially platform ones, ask for compensation. We are always happy to cover all expenses so that our employees receive timely help and advice. Ongoing engagement generally works much better when there is compensation, simply because it creates a framework for engagement and shows the mentor their time is valuable and valued. Mentors can also often volunteer time more frequently if they are paid.

Our main goal is to help our employees fill the knowledge gaps that arise naturally in their daily work.

Our main goal is to help our employees fill the knowledge gaps that arise naturally in their daily work. It’s impossible to expect every employee to know how to do everything.

A good example: Once, we were behind in hiring and there were three or four people missing from the development team. Our product manager, Stephan Weber, fresh on board, had to decide whether or not to hire third-party software development agencies – and had no previous experience of doing so. We found him three senior mentors in a few days who helped him decide to speed up the hiring process and shorten the onboarding time instead of paying € 50,000 for an agency.

Mentoring is also for executives

But mentoring shouldn’t be just for your core employee. No founder or manager is perfect. There is always something to be improved upon, so it is extremely important to invest enough in leadership coaching from day zero. Yes, day zero, not day one.

We’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in executive coach, Sue from Silicon Valley, who advises executives at Twitter, Facebook and other businesses. It took us three months to find it and it was the best investment we have made since the creation of Monite. She helped us improve our management, founders alignment and communication, which had a positive impact across the company.

When the team struggled to give direct feedback and frustrations built up internally, Sue suggested that we hold a feedback workshop, hold more one-on-one meetings, and encourage people to provide feedback. direct when they came to us with pent-up frustration about things big and small. It purified the air and prompted team members to give their opinion instead of bottling things inside.

Mentors help build a healthy culture

Having mentors also helps create a healthier work environment in general. An environment where people can make mistakes, raise concerns, or honestly say, “Hey, I have no idea how to handle this.”

Having a mentor gives employees an outlet to ask these (sometimes) embarrassing questions.

Employees can practice sensitive topics and get advice before taking action or pitching their idea to the whole team. It helps orient the culture of the company towards one that embraces what you don’t know, instead of pretending to do it and struggle.

We plan to expand the mentoring program and get more general coaches for employees to help them grow outside of their day-to-day responsibilities. Yes, it will be expensive, but it will be the key to our success.

No founder should think twice about spending money on employee development, especially mentors.

Ivan Maryasin is CEO and co-founder of the Monite financial management platform.

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Zandile Gumede’s lawyers, following claims she “incited riots” https://farrislawfirm.com/zandile-gumedes-lawyers-following-claims-she-incited-riots/ https://farrislawfirm.com/zandile-gumedes-lawyers-following-claims-she-incited-riots/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 07:36:06 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/zandile-gumedes-lawyers-following-claims-she-incited-riots/

Former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede has responded with fury to claims she may be one of the “riot leaders” and opened a case at a local police station to vehemently dismiss these claims. accusations.

Did Zandile Gumede foment riots? Former mayor rejects allegations

Gumede herself does not have an impeccable image, and her tenure in Durban ended in controversy, when she was suspended from her post for alleged tender fraud. The corruption case against her remains relevant and is expected to resume later this year. however, ANC mainstay does not take this latest round of allegations lightly.

  • In an interview with SABC, Zandile Gumede confirmed that his lawyers are now involved …

“They say that Zandile Gumede is creating this chaos, that she does not want to face the consequences of the law. At this point, I send my lawyer to the police station. These people touch my nerves. I am sitting here with a heavy load on my shoulders. People wrote these accusations demonically and recklessly. | Zandile Gumede

Who was arrested for causing unrest in South Africa?

A total of six arrests have been made so far, in connection with the heavy looting that spread to parts of South Africa last week. Ngizwe Mchunu, a former Ukhozi FM DJ, has become one of the most prominent suspects and he appeared in court on Tuesday. Zandile Gumede, however, insists that she was not involved in any “insurgency plot”:

“Some individuals and people with a political agenda against me have launched a cowardly attack on my personal integrity. I filed a formal complaint with the police because these allegations put my life in danger. I deny in the strongest terms, and reject any fallacious claim, that I was organizing riots or looting. “

“I am a dedicated ANC cadre, I have no reason to avoid or derail my impending corruption trial, I want this to continue so I can clear my name. I would also like to express my sympathy and support for those affected by violence. “

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Cooley keeps optional office return for 2021, eyeing hybrid future https://farrislawfirm.com/cooley-keeps-optional-office-return-for-2021-eyeing-hybrid-future/ https://farrislawfirm.com/cooley-keeps-optional-office-return-for-2021-eyeing-hybrid-future/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 21:45:00 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/cooley-keeps-optional-office-return-for-2021-eyeing-hybrid-future/ Cooley LLP office in Manhattan, New York. REUTERS / Andrew Kelly

  • Silicon Valley-based company will require vaccinations for all offices
  • The comeback plan contrasts with the harsher line reflected in Morgan Stanley’s letter

The names of companies and law firms shown above are generated automatically based on the text of the article. We are improving this functionality as we continue to test and develop in beta. We appreciate comments, which you can provide using the comments tab on the right of the page.

Cooley, a Silicon Valley-founded law firm known for its clientele in the tech industry, said Tuesday it was not forcing U.S. lawyers and staff to return to the office for the rest of the world. year.

But starting on Labor Day, anyone who wants to enter Cooley’s 11 U.S. offices – including its lawyers, clients and guests – must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to an internal memo reviewed by Reuters.

In a message to all U.S. employees on his plans to return from office, Mark Pitchford, Cooley’s administrative and legal partner, said the firm would detail its post-2021 policies later this year. But he signaled that Cooley will take a hybrid approach, enabling both office and remote work.

“Essentially, we’ve evolved to such a point that our workplace of the future will not be totally remote or totally in person,” Pitchford wrote.

The announcement puts Cooley in line with another Palo Alto company, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, which said last month it also does not set a mandatory return date for its employees. Many other companies have set dates for office returns, but have offered part-time or flexible in-person hours.

It’s not just companies in Silicon Valley that are taking this approach. Chicago-based Katten Muchin Rosenman told her employees last week that while she fully reopens her offices after Labor Day, in-person presence is generally not required.

Still, the potential limitations of Big Law’s flexible future were highlighted on Thursday, when longtime Morgan Stanley general counsel urged his outside lawyer to fully reinstate their employees in the office, warning that lawyers working in the desktop “a significant performance advantage over those that don’t.”

Morgan Stanley’s harder line stands out even within the financial services industry, but it may reflect different expectations across industry sectors. Some big tech companies like Facebook Inc have focused on permanent remote work options since the pandemic.

While many have embraced remote work options, law firm directors have expressed concerns about the difficulty of training new lawyers and maintaining the culture of the firm without some degree of physical presence in the office. Cooley’s Pitchford also highlighted the importance of office time in Tuesday’s memo, writing that “the Cooley culture that we cherish – and which thus sets us apart from our major competitors – is the product of the trust and connections we have. developed over the years by sharing experiences in person. “

The approach taken by companies is likely to become a big recruitment and retention problem as the country goes through the pandemic and possibly beyond. An April survey by legal recruiter Major, Lindsey & Africa found that only 11% of law students born between 1995 and 2000 expect to be fully employed in the office.

(Note: This story has been updated to include reference to the office return policy recently adopted by Katten Muchin Rosenman.)

Read more:

Morgan Stanley CLO wants you to come back to the office – for good

Q&A: Wilson Sonsini’s optional office return in 2021, and what’s to come

David thomas

David Thomas reports on legal affairs including law firm strategy, hiring, mergers and litigation. He is based in Chicago. He can be reached at d.thomas@thomsonreuters.com and on Twitter @ DaveThomas5150.

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Texas Supreme Court Extends COVID-19 Aid for Tenants https://farrislawfirm.com/texas-supreme-court-extends-covid-19-aid-for-tenants/ https://farrislawfirm.com/texas-supreme-court-extends-covid-19-aid-for-tenants/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 19:25:00 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/texas-supreme-court-extends-covid-19-aid-for-tenants/

A team removes belongings from a house in southern Fort Worth in February.  The Texas Supreme Court has extended the state's eviction diversion program.

A team removes belongings from a house in southern Fort Worth in February. The Texas Supreme Court has extended the state’s eviction diversion program.


A statewide program helping tenants and landlords cope with the effects of COVID-19 has been extended by the Texas Supreme Court.

The state’s highest court on Monday ordered that the Texas Eviction Diversion Program be extended until October 1. The program helps eligible tenants stay in their accommodation while providing landlords with an alternative to eviction.

Those who are eligible may have their past due rent obligations and utility failures covered in full, and the eviction case dismissed.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported in April that the number of evictions that have occurred during the pandemic is difficult to calculate. Texas does not follow them at the state level. It is estimated that there were 11,500 eviction requests in Tarrant County from March 2020 to March 2021, according to January Advisors, a research firm.

How does the diversion program work?

To participate, both owner and renter must agree to participate in the program and meet the requirements.

Once a landlord files an eviction case, tenants are notified of the program via the citation alerting them that they are being sued for eviction and are given a phone number and a link to a website for more information:

“If you and your landlord agree to participate in the Texas Eviction Diversion Program, you could have up to 15 months rent to pay and stop your eviction. During your trial, the court will inform you of the program and ask if you are interested in participating.

A judge must discuss the program with both parties during the eviction trial and ask if the landlord and tenant are interested, according to the Texas Supreme Court. If they agree, proceedings on the case will be delayed for 60 days and the records will be confidential. The parties can ask the court to extend the time limit for the case.

However, a landlord can still seek the resumption of a case in court.

By participating in the program, a landlord will receive payments in return for allowing the tenant to stay inside the home, according to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

How to get help with rent

Texas Eviction Diversion Program: http://www.txcourts.gov/eviction-diversion

Tarrant County Community Development: 817-850-7940

Tarrant County Rental / Emergency Utilities Assistance Program: https://getrenthelp.com/

City of Fort Worth Neighborhood Services: 817-392-5785

Texas State Bar Disaster Legal Services Hotline: 800-504-7030

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Related Stories

Lauren Castle is a social services reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The position is funded with assistance from the Morris Foundation. Castle reported on the Arizona legal system and criminal justice issues for The Arizona Republic. She previously worked in the television news business in Knoxville, Tennessee. Castle graduated from Southern Methodist University. She was a member of the 2019 Journalism Law School Fellowship Class at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. You can send him tips by email: lcastle@star-telegram.com or on Twitter: @lauren_castle.

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Lawyers lament Buhari’s refusal to pay judgment debts https://farrislawfirm.com/lawyers-lament-buharis-refusal-to-pay-judgment-debts/ https://farrislawfirm.com/lawyers-lament-buharis-refusal-to-pay-judgment-debts/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 17:53:19 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/lawyers-lament-buharis-refusal-to-pay-judgment-debts/

Nigerian lawyers have complained about the deliberate refusal of the administration headed by President Muhammadu Buhari to pay judgment debts over the past six years, saying they have been hit hard.

Lawyers and legal advisers have revealed that they are involved in several disputes on behalf of their clients in various Nigerian courts, which have won a number of cases, but the Nigerian government has refused to pay the judgment debts.

The development was revealed in a statement released by the Director of Legal Services at the Civic Education Center, Attorney Agomuo Chimaobi on behalf of the lawyers, saying the unpaid judgment debts are affecting them economically, having used their personal resources to sue. some of the records on behalf of their clients.

The statement, which was sent to DAILY POST, pointed out that the federal government has incurred judgment debts in lower courts of the Supreme Court, urging the federal government to repay those debts.

The statement reads in part: “Since the establishment of President Mohammed Buhari’s administration, the President has endeavored to settle and repay debts owed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to local entrepreneurs, payment of subsidies and education sector.

“However, the Buhari administration since 2015 has failed to comply with the settlement and payment of judgment debts owed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to its citizens, organizations and business entities in Nigeria.

“The debts are judgments issued by the Federal High Court of Nigeria. The Nigerian Court of Appeal and the Nigerian Supreme Court.

“These judgment debts are compiled in the office of the Honorable Attorney General of the Federation and the Minister of Justice.

The lawyers expressed their disappointment that the National Assembly appropriated the judgment debts. 2015 to 2021, but the Attorney General’s Office and the Minister of Justice continue to deny the availability of funds.

“For us, it is apparently unconstitutional that the executive branch of government continues to disregard the judgments of the judicial branch of government, especially the superior archival courts vested with the power to adjudicate between individuals, organizations and all branches of government. , as set out in Section 6 (1) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

“We therefore use the mass media as authorized by article 22 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to seek justice by paying the judgment debts by the federal government.

“We urge the President to rise to the occasion and, as an urgent matter of national importance, consider the common man, the citizens of Nigeria whose businesses and assets continue to decline due to non-payment of judicial debt owed since 2015 and the impact of COVID-19 on our economy. Mr. Speaker, please save our souls. As we say “justice delayed is justice denied”.

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