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Detroit’s top lawyer resigns after four years in the city.

Company lawyer Lawrence Garcia is leaving the Miller Canfield law firm to take up a position. He officially announced his departure on Wednesday, according to John Roach, spokesman for Mayor Mike Duggan. The mayor praised Garcia for representing the city in various complex cases while “protecting the rights of the people of Detroit,” he said in a statement.

“Nowhere has this been more evident than his leadership in securing access to the vote in the 2020 election and defending against the many baseless attacks that followed,” Duggan said in a statement. “Thanks to Lawrence’s work, Detroit was able to conduct a fair election with an historic turnout that ensured that every Detroit’s vote was counted.”

Duggan was also proud of the company’s lawyer for his integrity in the city. The lawyer worked for many private firms before moving to the city.

“The work of him and his team on the FCA / Stellantis and Amazon deals was essential to our ability to land these developments which are creating 7,000 jobs in Detroit,” said Duggan.

Garcia also announced his departure in a Facebook post, saying he will leave town on December 8 and begin his new role as senior legal counsel to Miller Canfield on December 20.

Garcia could not be reached immediately.

The company’s attorney was recently embroiled in a dispute with Detroit Inspector General Ellen Ha, who was accused of interfering with her investigations involving senior city officials.

He said he was fulfilling his duty to represent city workers in legal matters and accused Ha of a “growing campaign of intimidation and overtaking”, unfair interrogation sessions and racial prejudice.

Duggan then defended Garcia, saying he provided appropriate legal representation to city employees under possible lawsuits during general inspection talks.

Garcia was also in the middle of a lawsuit with Free Press. The city of Detroit attempted to bill Free Press $ 222,000 for public records relating to the Duggan investigation and the Make Your Date program, a prenatal health program run by Duggan’s wife, Sonia Hassan. Ha found in an investigation that the mayor had given the program preferential treatment.

Following: The city of Detroit wanted $ 222,000 for the public records. So Free Press continued.

Garcia’s deputy Charles Raimi will serve as interim legal counsel, Duggan said. The mayor will nominate a candidate to replace Garcia once the new city council takes office in January 2022.

Free Press reporter Joe Guillen contributed to this report.

Dana Afana is the Detroit City Hall reporter for the Free Press. Contact Dana: dafana@freepress.com or 313-635-3491. Follow her on Twitter: @DanaAfana.

This article originally appeared on Detroit Free Press: Lawrence Garcia leaves Detroit for new role with Miller Canfield

Veterans encouraged to use new legal service as Royal Commission on Military Suicides prepares for public hearings https://farrislawfirm.com/veterans-encouraged-to-use-new-legal-service-as-royal-commission-on-military-suicides-prepares-for-public-hearings/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 19:03:31 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/veterans-encouraged-to-use-new-legal-service-as-royal-commission-on-military-suicides-prepares-for-public-hearings/

Free legal advice is being offered to veterans and their families wishing to testify before the highly anticipated royal commission examining spiraling military suicide rates in Australia.

The new, government-funded but independent service is officially launched ahead of the first public hearings of the Royal Commission on the Defense and Suicide of Veterans which open in Brisbane on Friday.

An initiative of the National Legal Aid, Defense and Veterans Legal Service (DAVLS) is being set up by legal aid commissions in every state and territory.

Jasmine Stanton says the legal department will help ADF staff and veterans resolve any legal issues that may arise within the royal commission.(Provided)

“Sharing information with a royal commission can be a daunting prospect, especially when that information is a lived experience of suicide,” said Jasmine Stanton, DAVLS senior project manager and former defense member.

“Our service is trauma-informed, culturally safe and accessible. More importantly, it is independent and separate from the Royal Commission, the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. “

In April, the Morrison government bowed to months of political pressure, agreeing to uphold the Royal Commission on the high rates of Australian veterans and servicemen committing suicide.

The wide-ranging investigation is being led by former New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas, who will be joined by former Queensland Supreme Court Justice James Douglas QC and psychiatrist Dr Peggy Brown.

Recent official data has revealed that more than 1,200 Australian Defense Forces veterans and serving personnel have died by suicide over the past two decades, nearly three times the number previously reported.

Ms Stanton told the CBA that the new legal department would help reassure some potential witnesses that testifying before the royal commission would not result in negative consequences, such as defamation or retaliation.

“We can also give some very practical advice on how to structure a submission because, at the end of the day, the people who engage with the royal commission want to make sure their submission is effective.”

This week, the CBA revealed that one of the Royal Commissioners, Commissioner Douglas, had recently acknowledged a potential conflict of interest regarding his ties to the national president of the RSL.

The royal commission said it will welcome members of the public to attend its first public hearings in Brisbane from next week.

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Closed-door meeting on black women in leadership raises concerns for province’s only black female political science professor https://farrislawfirm.com/closed-door-meeting-on-black-women-in-leadership-raises-concerns-for-provinces-only-black-female-political-science-professor/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 12:55:23 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/closed-door-meeting-on-black-women-in-leadership-raises-concerns-for-provinces-only-black-female-political-science-professor/

Earlier this month, several events were held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the arrest of Viola Desmond for sitting in the white section of a New Glasgow cinema.

One event, a panel discussion moderated by Toronto Center MP Marci Ien, with black women in Halifax on the topic of leadership, is criticized as taking place on a “closed, invitation-only basis” by the female politician black Nova Scotia science teacher.

A contributor to the Examiner and professor at MSVU, El Jones expressed concerns about the discussion in a letter to Halifax MP Andy Fillmore, the only white male present at the meeting.

“It is not the role of the Liberal Party to reach out to other people’s communities and determine what leadership looks like,” Jones wrote in her letter.

“On the week of the 75th anniversary of Viola Desmond’s courageous stand against racism and segregation, Marci Ien came to #Halifax to meet black women leaders on the way forward. Photo: Andy Fillmore / Twitter.

“Mount Saint Vincent University, where I hold my position, has a long history of feminist education and continues to this day to focus on the education of women. As a Full Professor of Political Studies, I am responsible for teaching and mentoring the next generation of women leaders. Our programs include a public policy agenda that is uniquely based on feminist analysis. “

“As the only black woman in this field, young black women contact me especially for mentoring, advice on internships, referrals, placements, etc. These young black women are both African Nova Scotian and international students from countries around the world. . Many of these young women hope for a career in politics.

“Regardless of my own policies, I am responsible for offering these young black women their best chance for success, a mentorship that is systematically denied them elsewhere. “

“When you decide to exclude the only black woman in the province in this kind of event, you impact the access of these young women to this knowledge (I cannot attend and share notes with them, for example, find out about other events, connect them to opportunities that arise from networking, etc.) ”

“They already face the multiple barriers of being young black women in fields dominated by white men. The networking, support and career advice provided by these events would be invaluable to them. “

Left photo: Mount Saint Vincent Profesor, El Jones.  Right photo: Andy Filmore, MP for Halifax

Left photo: Mount Saint Vincent Profesor, El Jones. Right photo: Andy Fillmore, MP for Halifax

Speaking to the Examiner, Jones said the problem is not that she was not invited, but rather that meetings like this and previous similar meetings in the region between the government and the Black community members raise concerns and can divide the black community when they remain private and by invitation only.

“There is a particular infantilization of blacks that takes place where we are not supposed to have or be able to have the same expertise as whites. When you fail to recognize the hard-earned credentials of black women, you send the message that not only do we have to work more than twice as hard to get these credentials, but less qualified white people will continue to control our access to resources even when we do. let’s achieve excellence ”, continues his letter.

“What message does this send to our young women leaders when they see their mentors and elders marginalized? It’s anti-black racism, and it’s specifically misogynistic when our political work is presented as threatening and disruptive and in need of exclusion. “

Black Ontario MP Marci Ien chats with a black youth in Hope Blooms while holding a bottle of dressing.

“Fierce entrepreneurs, creative minds and compassionate community leaders, this is what I have seen and heard from the children working so hard at Hope Blooms Halifax to make a difference in their community. So proud of you! Continue !! ”Photo: Marci Ien / Twitter.

The Examiner reached out to Andy Fillmore for comment on Jones’ letter, whether or not the meeting was in fact by invitation only, and, if so, how the participants were selected, and whether or not the trial- official minutes of the meeting and whether or not they would be made public.

Fillmore responded by writing, “I have great respect for the work and advocacy of Dr Jones. We would have liked to have had a much larger group, but time, space, and COVID considerations prevented us from doing so. “

“That said, we were grateful to have been joined by women from a number of groups, including Black Girls Gather; Northend Start Up and Training program or NEST, which finances micro-loans to black-owned start-ups; the Empowered Women Blossom program at Hope Blooms; and others.”

“To characterize them as initiates who were only there for political purposes would be a mistake and a disservice to these accomplished women, including many doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers and students. In the future, we hope to organize a bigger event to hear even more voices. “

A logo that says Funded by the Government of Canada.

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Jirapong Sriwat – Nishimura & Asahi – Thailand – Lawyer profile https://farrislawfirm.com/jirapong-sriwat-nishimura-asahi-thailand-lawyer-profile/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 04:37:27 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/jirapong-sriwat-nishimura-asahi-thailand-lawyer-profile/

Jirapong Sriwat was recognized as (i) one of Thailand’s Top 100 Lawyers by Asia Business Law Review since 2018; and (ii) one of the top 40 Asian lawyers under 40 by Thomson Reuters (Asian Legal Business) in 2019. He is also the founding partner and is currently the co-managing partner of the Bangkok office of Nishimura & Asahi, which is a leading international law firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

He advises on a wide range of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, foreign direct investment, general business finance, international business finance and restructuring transactions. His expertise is advising, structuring and conducting complex transactions both inside and outside Thailand. He regularly represents, among others, Thai and international investors, international investment banks, international private equity investors, hedge funds and international corporations and financial institutions.

His main areas of practice include public and private mergers and acquisitions (rules on acquisitions), legal due diligence, joint ventures, fundraising, quotes, block transactions, stock exchange and stock exchange laws. values, restructuring of participations and general advice to companies. His additional areas of practice also cover banking and finance, capital markets, renewable energy, foreign exchange control law, labor law, and debt restructuring. Prior to establishing Nishimura & Asahi’s Bangkok office in 2013, he worked with Linklaters for almost a decade.

Jirapong Sriwat obtained an LLB with Distinction from Thammasat University in 2004 and obtained an LLM in Corporate and Securities Law with High Merits from the London School of Economics in 2009.

He is also registered as an Arbitrator of the Thai Arbitration Institute (TAI) with areas of expertise in corporate mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, banking and finance, capital markets, debt restructurings and energy.

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Hammond Pole Attorneys voted best law firm in Ekurhuleni https://farrislawfirm.com/hammond-pole-attorneys-voted-best-law-firm-in-ekurhuleni/ Tue, 23 Nov 2021 09:33:23 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/hammond-pole-attorneys-voted-best-law-firm-in-ekurhuleni/

Using a customer-centric approach and the latest technology, Hammond Pole Attorneys makes sure to stay one step ahead in providing its customers with world-class service.

Hammond Pole Attorneys recently won the Best Law Firm award at the 2021 Best of Ekurhuleni Reader’s Choice Awards. This is the fourth time the firm has won this prestigious honor, and it’s easy to see why.

Established in 1981, the service offered by Hammond Pole Attorneys has since earned him the respect of his peers and clients. The firm is renowned for its client-centric approach, handling all of its businesses efficiently and cost-effectively and delivering superior legal results in real estate transactions, labor, divorce and family law, debt collection. unsecured and asset-based. alternatives and a wide variety of corporate and commercial services.

Law firm CEO Alan Hartman said, “Our motto is Serious About Service, and winning this award is a testament to the fact that we place service at the heart of our business ethics.

What gives Hammond Pole a head start?

* 40 years of building relationships. Over the past four decades, Hammond Pole Attorneys has built long-standing relationships with various financial institutions, real estate agencies, mortgage originators and developers across the country.

* Dedicated staff who listen to the customer. The practice has a wide footprint across the country, particularly in Gauteng. It employs over 450 people, all of whom are dedicated to providing world-class customer service through a wide range of specialist legal solutions, including transfer of ownership, employment law, family law, employment law. divorce, debts and collections.

* World class transportation. The firm offers property transfer and real estate law services to all major financial institutions and real estate agencies across the country. It uses modern transportation technology to easily adapt to each customer’s individual requirements and ensure quick turnaround times without sacrificing good service. Lawyers recently partnered with Kandua, an online marketplace for professional home services, to help connect clients to trusted, reviewed and experienced service providers for everything from quick fixes to major home renovations.

* Ability to offer bridge financing. Clients can get quick, easy and affordable access to funds without having to wait for the sale of their existing property to register. To provide this comprehensive service to its clients, Hammond Pole has partnered with COD Property Bridging Finance, which provides an affordable and more profitable alternative to clients of Hammond Pole Attorneys.

*Advanced technology. The use of innovative technologies allows the company to continuously improve its operations and efficiency and confirms its status as a market leader. Hammond Pole has made significant investments in automation, particularly in robotic process automation (RPA), which manages, manages and executes business processes quickly and accurately, around the clock, all under the attentive eye of the company’s team of professionals.

* BBBEE level 2 status. The firm is committed to adopting fair and transparent employment practices and transformation. It reflects the diversity of South Africa with its BBBEE Level 2 accredited rating with respect to the Black Economic Framework, with a BBBEE Purchasing Recognition Level of 110%.

* Smooth and hassle-free bond registrations. Hammond Pole is on the panel of all major financial institutions responsible for bond registrations. This means that the bonding and transfer services are in constant communication, ensuring a smooth registration and transfer process.

“We pride ourselves on being one of the best practices in South Africa and attribute this to consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations, employing the right people, using the best systems, adopting breakthrough technology and by designing the most efficient processes to guarantee excellent results. are delivered, ”concludes Hartman.

For more information call 011 874 1800, email: [email protected] or visit www.hammondpole.co.za.

Nonprofit home broken into after tech purchase estimates losses at $ 40,000 https://farrislawfirm.com/nonprofit-home-broken-into-after-tech-purchase-estimates-losses-at-40000/ Tue, 23 Nov 2021 01:42:24 +0000 https://farrislawfirm.com/nonprofit-home-broken-into-after-tech-purchase-estimates-losses-at-40000/

Although he appeared unharmed from the street on Monday morning, over the weekend the interior of the Dolores Street Community Services office on Valencia Street was broken into – the offices were broken into and the new delivery of computers arriving Friday were stolen, said deputy director Saúl Hidalgo.

Other items may have been stolen as well, Hidalgo said, but he and other employees had yet to assess the extent of the damage. They have been waiting for the police to arrive since they first called them on Sunday afternoon.

Since Monday evening, they are still waiting. The Mission Station is located three blocks north of the association’s offices at 938 Valencia St.

Dolores Street Community Services has a long history of providing services to the community, from homeless shelters to immigration services to legal aid. The organization also includes the San Francisco Day Labor Program and the Women’s Collective under its umbrella.

On Friday, a shipment of 11 new computers and tech equipment arrived at the main office on Valencia Street.

An office door smashed at Community Services on Dolores Street. Photo courtesy of Saúl Hidalgo

“The purchase was handled so quietly that only our operations team was aware,” Hidalgo said. “Apparently the delivery arrived very late on Friday, so we didn’t even alert the staff that they were going to get them today.”

The plan was to distribute new computers to employees on Monday, but another employee arrived Sunday afternoon to find the office in disarray.

“It’s incredibly disheartening [for] those of us who work in nonprofits, we just get used to doing more with less, ”Hidalgo said,“ and so any time one of our vital resources is used up it just makes it even more difficult. our work… ”