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There is an additional twist to the water business. Unlike the sewage company, the service area of ​​the water company extends outside the city limits (north and south). The 361 customers outside the city limits include 54 non-residential customers, some of whom are significant water users (eg several large wineries, Meadowood Associates, Inglenook Village). It would be grossly unfair for city taxpayers to fund improvements to the water company through a blanket bond, leaving all out-of-city customers to fend for their fair share of the cost. loan repayment.

In the past, the city has funded capital improvements for businesses to a substantial extent through borrowings from a California Statewide Communities Development Authority. It is an important source of low-interest capital to help municipalities finance their projects. Of course, the lender must be satisfied that his loans are creditworthy, which requires sufficient rates in place to meet all the covenants of the obligations.

Mayor of Sainte-Hélène, 2014-18


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