Google signs MoU with Karnataka government to support local start-ups

In another boost for start-ups in Karnataka, Google has now partnered with the state government to support emerging local start-ups and create opportunities through digital skills. For the same, Google has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Karnataka to support their vision of promoting innovation and driving the growth of start-ups across the state. India’s startup ecosystem is the third largest such ecosystem in the world, with Karnataka being India’s startup hub.

CN Ashwath Narayan, Minister of Higher Education, Computing, Information Technology, Science and Technology and Skills Development, Government of Karnataka said, “Karnataka has been at the vanguard of the startup revolution. As we move forward, we want to enable startups to grow and thrive in a collaborative and inclusive digital environment. I am sure that this collaboration will also support many of our entrepreneurs and innovators from Beyond Bengaluru emerging tech clusters.

“India has a thriving startup community, but not all founders have equal access to capital, support networks or mentorship. These are critical resources that can help the startup ecosystem to continuously learn, innovate and evolve. Through our collaboration with KITS, we aim to strengthen support for the local start-up ecosystem, enable equal representation of women and level the playing field across the state,” said Karthik Padmanabhan, Head of Developer Relations, Google India.

Under the MoU, Google will work with the government of Karnataka in a variety of areas, including providing essential training and mentorship programs to start-ups in non-metropolitan cities, Google Career Certificates scholarships to prepare candidates for employment with digital skills and online and digital safety. citizenship programs for school children.

Knowledge sessions

Google plans to help startups in metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities across the state innovate and scale their businesses by sharing expertise on growing successful organizations and adopting technology architectures, methodology, and practices solid business administration. Additionally, a series of knowledge sessions will be held across Android and Cloud Series to help with growth, monetization, and technical skills.

Training of founders and start-ups led by women

Together with the Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS), Google plans to work with female founders and female-led start-ups in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to provide essential training, access to partners and expertise on Google’s suite of tools and technologies. , as well as knowledge and mentorship sessions in areas such as cloud, user experience, Android, web, product strategy, leadership and marketing.

Google Career Certificates scholarships for young people

Google will work with KITS to provide underserved youth and job seekers with scholarships and comprehensive training that could help them gain job skills in the digital economy. The program will help qualified candidates earn Google Career Certificates in high-demand areas such as IT support, IT automation, project management, data analytics, UX design, digital marketing and e-commerce.

Google also plans to equip teachers with essential training to teach students the skills to be safe and smart online and guide them through their digital journeys with an interactive curriculum. Additionally, it will collaborate with the Karnataka Fintech Task Group to educate users on the benefits of digital payments and increase its adoption.

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