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Administrative Sergeant Dawn Daniels shares jurisdiction, Title IX differences between WSU PD, Pullman PD

The WSU Graduate and Professional Student Association heard from Dawn Daniels, WSU Police Department Administrative Sergeant, and voted on the proposed budget for next year at their meeting on Monday.

Senators voted on the FAARM initiative, a proposal intended to lobby WSU to provide quality mentorship to graduate students. The senators said supporting this initiative means supporting the professional well-being of the graduate student.

The GPSA acknowledged that supporting this proposal does not necessarily require action by the Senate if it passes. The initiative ended up passing after a vote.

Next, senators considered the draft budget for the 2022-23 school year. Overall, expenses increased by 7% over the previous year. The budget was also adopted after a vote.

Daniels talked about the main differences between WSU PD and the Pullman Police Department. The departments are similar because they are all trained the same way, enforce the same laws, and wear the same equipment.

The main difference is in their areas of expertise, Daniels said. WSU PD patrols the campus, while Pullman PD patrols the rest of the city, including Greek Row.

Senator Jocelyn McKinnon-Crowley asked about differences in Title IX reporting. Daniels said WSU PD works with housing and residence life and Greek organizations to disclose Title IX reports and that it is easier for them to share information than Pullman PD because they are bound by public disclosure.

Additionally, Daniels said WSU PD can direct students to counseling. Officers also have meetings to talk about issues they’ve had throughout the week as well as concerns and trends.

Senator Samantha Edgerton asked what types of cases the WSU PD has spent the most time on. Daniels said that has changed over the years, with alcohol and marijuana use once being the main topic of calls. Now, mental health issues are one of the big issues that the WSU PD deals with.

Daniels said WSU PD primarily relies on Cougar Health Services for mental health cases.

The emergency alert system is managed by the emergency management group, but WSU PD works closely with them, Daniels said. Aanything considered an ongoing threat is considered newsworthy. They do not send an alert for anything outside of their jurisdiction.

After Daniels’ speech, the Internal Affairs Committee encouraged people to report to GPSA offices for the 2022-23 school year.

The meeting ended when Marwa Aly, Executive Vice President and Budget Chair, said the next meeting would be the last of the year and encouraged senators to attend as it would be a special event.

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