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St. Louis lawyer Lewis C. Green has often said, “The environment cannot protect itself; he needs one of us to stand up and protect him. This is the principle that guided him, in 2002, to found Missouri’s first and only nonprofit environmental law center, providing free legal services when the health of the environment or the public is at risk. .

Green died just months after the founding of Great Rivers, but the organization continues its work to protect the environment from degradation and public health from damage. Each year, Great Rivers recognizes others who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to preserving the environment by presenting an award in honor of Green.

This year, the Great Rivers Board of Directors selected two recipients to receive the 2021 Lewis C. Green Environmental Service Award: retired lawyer Henry Robertson and the late Senator Wayne Goode.

Great Rivers Chairman of the Board, Rick Lageson, credits Robertson with the tremendous influence he has had on Missouri’s renewable energy landscape during his career. Robertson retired as Director of the Climate and Energy Program at Great Rivers after 16 years of legal service with the organization.

“Henry was instrumental in pushing Missouri utilities to accelerate their pace of transition to renewable energy and in implementing energy efficiency measures,” Lageson said. “He wrote our state’s renewable energy standard – and he’s held our utilities accountable ever since. “

He further credits Robertson for providing Great Rivers with the resources to continue his work after his retirement. “Because of his preparations for this transition and his ongoing guidance, we are well positioned to continue his work. With his help, we didn’t miss a thing.

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