Hamid Nouri’s lawyers call for appeal against Swedish court’s life sentence

Lawyers for Iranian detainee in Sweden Hamid Nouri reject Swedish court verdict that sentenced him to life for alleged human rights violations and call for appeal citing possible illegitimacy of court’s sentence

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A Swedish court found former Iranian official Hamid Nouri on October 24 and sentenced him to life in prison for alleged war crimes and murder, which was rejected by his lawyers who requested an appeal court.

Nouri’s lawyers said the Swedish court disregarded limitations imposed by international law on Swedish law, in other words questioning the court’s legitimacy to hear the case.

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In 2019, Nouri was arrested on arrival in Sweden on alleged human rights violations. At a recent court hearing, Swedish prosecutors called for his life imprisonment, IRNA mentioned.

Both international law and Swedish law recognize that the application of the international legitimacy of domestic courts is subject to conditions and limits.

According to Swedish laws, a foreign individual cannot be tried in domestic courts under international legitimacy if he (the foreigner) is present in the country against his will, which is the defense that Nouri’s lawyers have claimed that their client had arrived in Sweden against his own will.

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The lawyers further stated that, contrary to Swedish law, an arrest warrant had been issued against Nouri before his arrival in Sweden, arguing that the Swedish government must have an interest in executing international legitimacy, while no interest for the government was proposed by the court. in his first decision.

Earlier in May, Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Secretary Kazem Gharibabadi called the Swedish trial of former Iranian official Hamid Nouri “illegal and unjust” and a sham that violates the principles justice and human rights.

Gharibabadi noted that Nouri’s family was denied access to him for two years and that the detained former civil servant was kept in solitary confinement, stressing that the Swedish government should be held responsible for medical negligence, torture and long solitary confinement of Nouri.

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