HoS, others advocate mentorship as a path to economic and political growth


By Obas Esiedesa, Abuja

Federation Civil Servant Folashade Yemi-Esan urged political, business and other leaders to mentor young Nigerians in order to develop the country’s political and economic landscape.

Yemi-Esan spoke this weekend in Abuja at the launch of a book titled: “Mentoring in Universities and the Civil Service for Fraud Prevention in Nigeria”, coordinated by the former Governor of Nigeria. ‘Gombe State, Dr Ibrahim Dakwanbo.

“Mentoring, if properly implemented, would help us reduce fraud and promote knowledge, transfer teamwork.

“Various private and public sector institutions, various civil service reforms have been carried out from 1946 to date to reposition the service and make it more efficient and effective in service delivery. Although significant achievements have been made in this regard, the government is still looking for ways to maintain and enhance the achievements made.

“In 2017, the federal public service plan 2017-2021 was approved by the FEC. Mentoring was one of the options in the approved plan which ended in July 2021. A successor plan has been formulated and pending approval as mentoring is a priority, ”she said.

Also speaking, a team leader at PWC and founder of the Impact Africa Foundation, Dr Taiwo Oyedele, said the book was a unique effort to ensure that mentorship is a value the country does not lack.

He said: “It’s actually quite unique to me. Unique because we have people who think about mentoring, it is an area where we are missing as a country and as a people. People don’t see it as an important duty to mentor other leaders.

“I think having a book on it and bringing people together to think about it is a really good first step. And this mentoring must cross academic institutions, the private sector, the public sector.

“People need to be aware that just because you’re a leader and being celebrated doesn’t mean you have it all. Don’t raise other leaders to be exactly like you, raise leaders to be better than you, even if you were perfect, someone can still be better than you.

“It’s your job to make this happen. So that you can sit down and say that you have made a difference in the development of people, which is the greatest achievement a leader can boast of. “

For his part, the Federation’s former accountant general, Dr James Naiyeju, has advised those who wish to be supervised to humiliate themselves in order to learn and grow.

“My advice to mentees is that they should be willing to bend down to learn. You don’t learn with arrogance. Mentoring is a form of learning. For the person you are trying to mentor, there should be some form of sacrifice.

“You have to be disciplined, you have to be submissive because if you are not submissive, you cannot grasp knowledge. This is how we learned. The mentee has a lot to do.

“To the mentor, my advice is that any mentor who makes his position indispensable is a bad mentor because you have to be able to produce more than your own equivalence in a period of time.

“Do you know why a lot of people commit fraud? This is because they are far from what we call the ethics of society. The company expects you to be responsible at all times. The book tries to bring back those values ​​that we have lost. In the private sector, the public sector, we have to let them know that all that glitters is not gold, we have to teach them hard work, diligence, ”he added.

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