How to choose a family lawyer

Going through a relationship or family breakdown can be one of the most difficult things to deal with. There are a number of options available to people going through this emotional time, whether in counseling, mediation, or legal advice. Contacting a lawyer for advice and help is often a difficult step to consider and can often increase your anxiety, especially since this may be the first time you should consider speaking with a lawyer. The IBB team are very experienced in dealing with these situations and guiding you through what can be a really difficult landscape.

First, determine if a lawyer is the person you need to talk to at this point. If you feel like the relationship has broken down or want to understand what your options are if things are not resolved, this guide can help you understand what to look for in a family lawyer to help you. go forward.

1. Research

Do your research and try to find a family lawyer from a reputable company that you think you can work well with. Consider whether mediation (a process where the two parties discuss their situation with a qualified mediator in a less formal setting to try to move forward and come to an agreement) can also help you so that you can discuss this option with a lawyer. At IBB we have good relations with a number of mediators and also offer this service to clients.

Talk to friends and family for recommendations, and see if the people you think you want to teach are members of Resolution. This means that they take a reasonable and friendly approach to disputes. Please visit for more information about the organization and its code of conduct.

Consider what additional services the company offers to support your trip. At IBB we have an in-house wealth management team who can answer any financial questions regarding the future and what it looks like. We have strong links in the region with other experts who may be able to assist you in other areas as well.

2. Talk to lawyers

If possible, try talking to a lawyer to get a feel for his approach and if you think you can work with him. Don’t be afraid to ask for a short call so you can ask relevant questions about how they work and the details of your situation. If you think you’ve found a good candidate, ask them if they offer an initial consultation. At IBB, we offer a fixed fee first meeting at a reduced rate that gives the opportunity to raise questions, understand your options and get to know your lawyer.

3. Approach

Think about which approach will work best in your situation. While the goal should be to resolve issues amicably in order to save time and money, there are times when you need a solid and experienced lawyer to represent you in a legal proceeding. litigation and advise you on a strategic approach to the situation to get things done. in the right way for you. You will be able to get an idea of ​​the approach of a notary during a first meeting with him but you will also have to discuss your point of view on this subject, because you will know your partner and how amicable he can be. or not.

4. Costs

Think about how you can fund the process, and ask for a worst-case and best-case estimate early on. At IBB, we will discuss as soon as possible the various options available to you to enable you to make informed decisions about your next steps. We take a team approach to your work where certain aspects of the work are done by a junior member of the team who is able to do it at a lower rate to keep overall costs down while being overseen by partners. We have good relationships with a number of reputable companies that offer litigation loans in appropriate circumstances and we can put you in touch with these companies if it helps you fund your case.

At IBB, we fully understand the concerns you will have as you embark on this journey, whatever your situation. We hope you find this short guide helpful if you find yourself at the start of this journey and not sure which step to take first.

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