Humanitarian Advocates Advocate for Domestication of Tuberculosis Patient Rights in Nigeria

A legal and humanitarian rights advocate (Lawyers Alert) has called on the Presidency and the National Assembly to give TB victims in Nigeria a lifeline by nationalizing their rights in line with the Bill of Rights of People Affected by Tuberculosis which was launched in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2019.

Lawyers Alert, which denounced the extent of discrimination and abuse inflicted on Nigerians who suffer from TB both in hospitals and in society at large, went on to urge the Federal Government to ensure that TB patients do not are not left to their fate by tackling the disease on a humanitarian basis.

Speaking to reporters in Abuja as part of his activities to mark World Tuberculosis Day 2022, Lawyers Alert Chairman Barr. Rommy Mom, said Nigeria must achieve a society where the rights of PATBs are guaranteed; the government, non-governmental rights organizations and all stakeholders should make concerted efforts to ensure: “The incorporation of the rights of PATB as enshrined in the Declaration of the Rights of People Affected by in Geneva, Switzerland, in May 2019 in our local laws.

“Raising awareness of the judiciary and legal communities on the rights of PATB and implementing human rights-based approaches to TB. Expanding the capacity of legislators and policy makers to incorporate human rights-based approaches into TB laws and policies. The immediate and rigorous sensitization of the PATB and its various communities and networks so that they are aware of their rights and claim them at all times.

“Sensitization of health workers in the public and private sectors on the need to integrate a human rights-based approach to tuberculosis in their daily interactions with the PATB. The passing of a TB-specific law in Nigeria to address the rights of PATBs, discourage stigma and discrimination, and increase access to health services, among others.

Furthermore, Barr Mom is calling for the creation of an agency that will be solely in charge of TB in Nigeria, while appealing to the National Assembly to pass laws that will address the rights of people affected by TB. (PATB) and therefore prevent stigma. and discrimination against them.

Maman, lamented that the PATB suffer daily violations of their human rights and said; “They receive less care than humans, both in private and public places.

“They lack access to effective testing and treatment, face discrimination in employment and healthcare settings, are even unnecessarily detained and isolated against their will, have limited access to information about health and have little or no access to TB treatment in hospital,” he said. noted.

Speaking on the gender perspective, Barrister Mom said; “Globally, men and boys account for approximately 64% of TB cases. This has translated into the fact that approximately 2 men are infected with tuberculosis for every 1 woman or girl. In addition, men account for approximately 63% of TB deaths among HIV-negative people. »

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