Idaho Statehouse lawyer ‘Jane Doe’ hopes ethics probe

Annie Hightower told 208 that she has never seen so many people address such meanness or harm to a single victim.

BOISE, Idaho – On Tuesday, an ethics investigation into Idaho Representative Priscilla Giddings for her conduct in a previous ethics investigation was announced.

Giddings has revealed the personal information of a 19-year-old intern student at State House who accused former Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger (R-Lewiston) of rape.

The alleged rape victim was named Jane Doe during the ethics investigation of von Ehlinger in order to protect her identity. Her lawyer said Giddings made her real name public, posted a photo of her and posted other personal information.

Annie Hightower told The 208 that in her 13 years of working with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, she has never seen so many people causing so much harm and addressing so much meanness to one. victim.

Hightower said that with the Giddings investigation, there is relief that there may be some responsibility.

“I wish we never had to come here. I wish the behavior didn’t happen in the first place,” she said. “It just shows why people don’t report. The first thing people who experience sexual assault – the number one reason they give they don’t report – is fear of retaliation, and it certainly was. retaliation. my client in danger. “

Hightower added that she hopes the investigation will make people think twice before doing something like this in the future.

“When I spoke to her yesterday, you know, it’s hard for her because she’s ‘Jane Doe’, but she’s also a person with feelings,” Hightower explained. “She is a real person who at this point for many reasons has not been able to tell her story openly beyond what was provided at the ethics committee hearing. “

Editor’s Note: Watch the video above for more on Jane Doe’s lawyer interview.

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