Intake Services Inc. Launches Legal Intake Conversion Service for Personal Injury Businesses of All Sizes

Intake Services, Inc. is staffed with the brightest and most experienced admissions specialists in the industry. Each Intake Team is managed by a Certified Victim Advocate who has experience supporting victims of traumatic events and can provide insight into complex issues.

“An Admissions Specialist is the gateway to a law firm specializing in personal injury or mass tort and for law firms the first impression they make is critical,” says Rob Gorman, the company’s communications manager. “How you provide admission, how quickly you respond to an online inquiry, how adept you are at connecting with your potential customers is what will make a customer choose your business over someone else’s else”

Intake Services, Inc. provides legal assistance for nearly every type of personal injury case and is staffed with the brightest minds in the legal assistance industry. All campaigns are associated with a specific in-house team of admissions specialists who are hand-selected to handle the type of demographic group the law firm caters to. Not all law firms know how to connect with all types of clients. Intake Services Inc. helps fill the gap. They have staff that can handle a large volume of leads and can also help small businesses grow by increasing their conversions.

“The Admissions Conversion Service allows law firms and legal marketers to quickly call their prospects, vibe with their respective clients, and set the tone for the relationship moving forward,” Rob Gorman rings. “In this digital age, you need to reach, connect with, and convert your potential customers in a way that’s easy for both business and consumer. Plain and simple.”

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Media Contact: Rob Gorman+1(800)-540-8867, [email protected]

SOURCE Admissions Services, Inc.

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