Is it better to hire a pessimistic lawyer?

Be a defensive pessimist

Lawyer Jennifer Warren, who is now the Academic Success Coordinator at Oklahoma City University Law School, says, “defensive pessimism”She practiced in law school frightened her into studying more.

“While the overconfident optimist may not see the need to study, the more pessimistic student may be motivated to prepare consistently and thoroughly because he sees it as the only way to achieve its goal, “writes Warren. “The key is to maintain your self-confidence without ever feeling that you can just rest on your laurels.”

Pessimism can also help appreciate your opportunities, she writes, as the pessimist won’t expect to be selected for the mock court team, the law review editorial board, or the unpaid internship, and “can be more grateful when given the opportunity”.

Strategic Pessimism Can Help Lawyers Succeed

In “Is there a good dose of pessimism?Wellness columnist Jayne Reardon cites an article suggesting that pessimism is good for lawyers and finding that ‘various negative emotions, such as anger, cynicism and frustration, each serve an important function in the work of a lawyer. a lawyer. These emotions strengthen the lawyer and enhance his ability to do his job effectively and to serve the interests of the client.

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