Jaffer’s parents not named in Noor Mukadam murder case, lawyer told court

Zahir Jaffer, key suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case. Photo: file
  • “How did Jaffer’s parents become suspicious?” asks the lawyer.
  • Zakir Jaffer and his wife were included in the case on the basis of their son’s statement recorded in police custody, argues lawyer Khawaja Haris.
  • Zahir Jaffer’s parents were arrested on July 4 after failing to post their deposits.

ISLAMABAD: There is no mention of the parents of Zahir Jaffer, the main suspect in the rape and murder of Noor Mukadam, in the FIR of the case so how their names were added to the suspect list, Khawaja Haris, lawyer for Zahir Jaffer’s Parents, questioned in court on Wednesday.

Zakir Jaffer and his wife Asmat Adamjee’s attorney, Khawaja Haris, began their arguments after Islamabad High Court judge Judge Aamer Farooq resumed hearing their bail applications.

Zahir Jaffer was in Islamabad and his parents were in Karachi when Noor Mukadam was killed, Haris argued, asking how Jaffer’s parents were named as suspects in the Noor murder case.

Zakir and Asmat were granted bail before the arrest in the murder case, but were arrested on July 4 after failing to submit their bail. Zahir Jaffer’s parents were remanded in custody on July 27. Their requests for bail after arrest were denied on August 5.

The lawyer told the court that the names of Zakir and his wife Asmat were included in the case based on their son’s statement recorded in police custody.

He said Zakir and Asmat became suspects because Zakir Jaffer made two calls to them on July 20.

Charges of concealing evidence, facilitating crimes and other charges against them were included in the case later, he added.

In England, it is customary for the suspect’s statement to be recorded during questioning, Judge Aamer Farooq said, adding that the video shows the suspect’s expressions while answering questions.

Unlike England, the statement is recorded in another language and then translated into English in Pakistan, he added.

Court notifies parents of Zahir Jaffer

Earlier, on September 13, the High Court in Islamabad notified the parents of Zahir Jaffer, the main suspect in the Noor Mukadam rape and murder case, and adjourned the hearing to September 15.

During the hearing, the court ordered lawyer Shah Khawar, the lawyer for Noor’s family, to submit a power of attorney today.

The lawyer replied that he would present a power of attorney on behalf of his client Shaukat Mukadam, Noor’s father, that day (Monday).

The request to quash the Therapy Works employees’ bond was also under review, Khawar said, adding that if the court deemed it appropriate, he could hear all the motions together.

Judge Farooq, however, had said the rules for granting and canceling bail are different.

He said the court would hear the two motions separately.

If the hearing were to be adjourned, adjourn it until tomorrow, said the applicant’s lawyer, Khawaja Harris.

The court then ordered Khawar to present a power of attorney and adjourned the hearing until September 15. An opinion was also issued on the request for release on bail from Zahir Jaffer’s mother, Asmat Zakir.

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