Jan. 6 committee subpoenas six attorneys allegedly linked to Trump’s push to void election


Lawmakers investigating the Capitol riot subpoenaed six lawyers to appear Tuesday with alleged ties to several of former President Donald Trump’s questionable strategies to stay in office, including pushing for Georgia election officials ” find” additional votes from Trump and a drastic proposal to seize voting machines.


The committee subpoenaed attorney Cleta Mitchell, who was involved in an infamous January 2021 phone call during which Trump falsely insisted to Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) that his state was mired in voter fraud and encouraged Raffensperger’s team to ‘find’ just enough votes to void President Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia.

Lawyer Kurt Olsen was subpoenaed because he pushed the Justice Department in December 2020 to file a sweeping, last-minute legal complaint seeking to dismiss Biden’s victories in multiple swing states, and would have drafted a draft executive order urging the DOJ to take “election actions,” the Jan. 6 committee said.

A final subpoena was issued to Phillip Kline, who helped organize a call between Trump and hundreds of state lawmakers to “disseminate alleged evidence of voter fraud,” the committee said, citing a Washington Examiner item.

The six lawyers have been asked to submit documents to the select committee and to appear for testimony later this month (Forbes contacted the six individuals or their attorneys for comment).

Key Context

The Jan. 6 select committee subpoenaed dozens of former Trump administration officials and allies, seeking information both about the Capitol riot and about Trump’s months-long effort to stay in power despite his loss to Biden. After the Trump campaign’s dozens of lawsuits to overturn state-level election results largely failed in late 2020, the former president’s allies began weighing an unprecedented set of strategies. and untested to reverse the election result. Trump and his lawyers have pushed lawmakers and state officials like Raffensperger to reverse Biden’s multi-state wins, Giuliani and attorney Sydney Powell would have discussed whether to take federal custody voting materials, and the campaign allegedly orchestrated a scheme to write Electoral College certificates falsely portraying Trump as the winner of multiple states.

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