Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, imitates Amber Heard and exposes her affair with James Franco

Three and a half years ago, Amber Heard sat for an opinion piece for the Washington Post. Although she didn’t mention any names, she sympathized with the victims of abuse saying that she too was a victim of domestic violence. Johnny Depp, her ex-husband and Heard had divorced 2 years prior to the publication of this article. Soon, the article had both parties in hot water, more so for Depp. The Sun ran an article calling him a female drummer. The films knocked the actor out of the main roles instantly. Depp sued Heard for defamation and hired Brown Rudnick’s attorneys, Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez, as his counsel.

Camilla Vasquez

Trial details

The Depp v. Heard lawsuit has been put under the public microscope since day one of the battle. The six-week trial has been ridiculed for many, many reasons. The incompetence of Heard’s lawyers was one such reason.

The moments filmed by the camera broadcasting the trial were sometimes comical. Other times it was downright humiliating for the accused. Memes have been flooding social media platforms since the defendant and plaintiff began testifying on the stand.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard
Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Fairfax, Virginia lawsuit

However, regardless, the lawsuit was a strategic move on the part of the plaintiff, on the part of Johnny Depp, to save his reputation after he lost everything in the libel trial in London. But the trial did more than that. It glorified him in the public eye and nothing brings back a man’s reputation like public idolatry. Amber Heard has since gone nasty for her role in smearing Depp’s name and fans have scoured the internet for years to find evidence of the abuse Depp suffered.

Cross-examination of Camille Vasquez

Depp has already won the trial in the court of public opinion. His cold, calm and calculated confidence redeemed him in the public eye. But more than that, people have become so monochromatic in their judgment that evidence of mutual abuse has simply been swept under the rug.

As far as Depp’s attorneys go, they’ve done an incredibly good job as attorneys. Camille Vasquez has been a ram since she started her cross-examination. With a smooth and efficient attitude, she concealed the matter down to its roots.

Camille Vasquez crossed with Amber Heard
The Cross of Amber Heard by Camille Vasquez

During one of his cross-examinations, Vasquez asked Amber Heard directly about the night before the latter filed for divorce. She asked if Heard had changed the locks on her Los Angeles penthouse apartment, which she agreed to. Heard replied that she “tried to.” Vasquez followed up with the question, “Is that why you felt comfortable having James Franco on the evening of May 22, 2016, Ms. Heard?” Heard replied that she did not know when James came.

Thus, the court was asked by Vasquez to display the plaintiff’s exhibit on the screen. The video file was later released showing time-stamped elevator CCTV footage to show when Amber Heard exited the elevator and then re-entered with Franco in her company.

One of the moments that could be described as humiliating for all parties involved was when the footage was released and the court sat in silence just to watch. Fans are determined that Camille Vasquez emulated Heard’s position when she took the case to court.

Source: Netizens call out Camille Vasquez Savage for his court appearance

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