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Ahmedabad: Judge Bhargav Karia of Gujarat High Court got angry at the nonchalant behavior of government lawyers in his court and complained that their approach made him feel like just a judicial magistrate and not a High Court Judge.
The judge was annoyed by the absence of government lawyers in his court on a few occasions when cases were called, particularly a case involving a programmed caste student who was denied admission to MBBS and was approached the HC claiming that the admissions committee had misinterpreted the rules. When this case was heard after lunch, a government lawyer was present in court and he faced the wrath of the judge.
Judge Karia blasted the lawyer saying, “I feel in this court as I sit here that I am a first class judicial magistrate and a district court will hear the case, the lawyers will go there and they will not appear before a JMFC. This is the feeling I get from lawyers, who appear for specific authorities.
The judge further instructed the lawyers to convey his sentiments to their superiors: “Convey this sentiment to your government representative and to everyone in the system. I have also been sworn in under the Constitution of India. Once said to be here, he (the lawyer) should be here. Do you understand?”

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