Law Firm Delivers Strong Performance Above Market Expectations

Legal and professional services group Gateley said it was trading ahead of market expectations following several acquisitions and growth in its advisory service.

The group says it has seen strong levels of activity in 2022, with revenue expected to be no less than £137m, an increase of 13%.

Organic revenue growth in its legal services lines was 9%, alongside exceptional organic growth of 24% in the advisory services lines.

This includes completed acquisitions which are expected to represent £20m of fees in 2022. Following the three acquisitions completed during the year, which integrate well, annualized advisory fees now stand at £32m.

Gateley made three profit-enhancing acquisitions, Tozer Gallagher in July 2021, Adamson Jones in January 2022 and Smithers Purslow in April 2022.

Rod Waldie, CEO of Gateley, said: “We delivered another year of strong revenue and profit growth and I am delighted with our overall performance.

“Our successful return to recruitment has generated strong organic revenue growth of over 10%, which, together with the completion of three exciting acquisitions, is driving annualized consultancy revenue of over £32m.

“We remain committed to our goal of delivering results that delight our customers, inspire our employees and support our communities. We have a strong work pipeline and leave our financial performance guidance unchanged, despite inflationary challenges, as we look forward to continuing to grow the Group, both organically and through acquisitions.

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