Law firm takes gold by going green

Lanyon Bowdler’s Telford Offices

Lanyon Bowdler, who has offices throughout the county and in North Wales, retained Green Achiever Gold Standard Award status and an additional diamond banner, issued by E4environment.

E4environment is a specialist in providing advice on environmental issues in the areas of waste and renewable energy, and works on projects across the UK.

Deborah Cairns, Director of E4environment, said: “Even though 2020 has been extraordinary with the Covid pandemic, Lanyon Bowdler has continued on his path of improving environmental performance by making long-term investments in construction work. and software packages that allow the team to work more efficiently and effectively for customers, while consuming less raw materials.

“The incremental improvements made by Lanyon Bowdler over time show excellent alignment of financial sense with sustainability goals.

“In recognition of the consistency of improvements made and a clear commitment to keep this going, the Gold Standard Award has been accepted.

“In recognition of 10 years of continuous improvement, the team also receives the Diamond Banner Award.”

Lanyon Bowdler has opened new offices in Telford and Hereford over the past year, and special attention has been paid to making sure both are as energy efficient as possible.

Rowland Waddington, Director of Operations at Lanyon Bowdler, said: “We are proud of our continued investment in management systems, which in addition to improving customer service also enables environmental benefits such as reduced consumption. of paper, less storage needs, less transport needs and reduced waste. “

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