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ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) on Friday condemned the announcement by Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema to send a reference against the judge of Lahore High Court (LHC), Justice Jawad Hassan to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC). ).

Hafeez-Ur-Rehman Chaudhry, Vice President of the PBC and Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon, President of the SCBAP, said that Judge Jawad Hassan is an independent, upright, honest and highly competent judge and is an asset to our judiciary and may the lawyers of Pakistan stand by your side. him.

They expressed that it is very astonishing and alarming that the current Governor of Punjab has constantly violated the Constitution and ridiculed the office of Governor, deviated from the Constitution and sabotaged democratic value and standards which had never happened before. in the country since the past. like-minded persons were not permitted to hold such prestigious and higher constitutional office and the governor was to be held accountable for his similar statements and actions and questioned under what authority had departed from the Constitution.

They said Judge Jawad Hassan was not only an independent, honest and competent judge, but was an asset to the higher judiciary and supported by the entire legal fraternity of the country.

They also condemned the smear campaign launched against judges and the judiciary in the strongest possible terms and declared that no one would be allowed to undermine the dignity and respect of judges for small political gains and further swore that if this did not stop, then the legal fraternity reserved the right to take punitive action in order to take the wrongdoers to task.

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