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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Kuomintang lawmakers Johnny Chiang (江啟臣), Wu I-ding (吳怡 玎) and Lin Szu-ming (林思銘) have joined lawyers Hung Chia-hung (洪嘉宏) and Chen Yu-chi (陳昱 錡) at a press conference to announce a free legal service created for the families of those who died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Chiang said that since March, 764 people in Taiwan have died after being injected with COVID, but the government has yet to give a clear answer on whether the deaths were linked to the vaccination, according to CNA. “If this is not a sign of idleness, what would qualify as idleness? ” He asked.

He added that it is humiliating for the families of the deceased to have to request a formal investigation by the Department of Health and Welfare and then wait for official certification and even provide evidence before they can receive compensation.

Chiang also alleged that the Vaccine Victim Compensation Program (VICP) evaluation team never held meetings to discuss the issue, preventing citizens from receiving relief, UDN reported.

Lawyers provide volunteer services to families seeking relief for deaths from COVID jab
Several lawyers offered their services to the families of victims of vaccine injuries. (CNA photo)

Lin said the vaccination is not just personal, but also increases the overall vaccination rate, by CNA. He said that since everyone is working towards the goal of collective immunity, when relevant issues arise, the government should help citizens seek help rather than letting them figure it out for themselves.

Wu questioned the validity of certifying deaths as irrelevant to vaccination if related tests are not performed during autopsies. She said the government was at fault when it asked citizens for evidence when testing was not done, calling it an “act of intimidation.”

Hung said that so far 10 lawyers have joined the case to offer free legal services and he will continue to rally more, according to CNA.

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