Lawyers seek dismissal in Manam resettlement case

Governor Yama and several others were arrested and indicted last year on separate charges.

The submission was made after the legal representative of the police filed a request on the same day for the case to be withdrawn under section 60A, subsection (1) of the District Courts Act and of article 192 of the Constitution.

The request to withdraw the case came after lawyers representing Yama argued that the search warrant used to search and find evidence to arrest the suspects was invalid.

Yama’s lawyers told the court that the evidence obtained and used to arrest Yama and the others was not obtained properly because the Madang District Court on October 30, 2020 ordered the suspension of the search warrant, but the police went ahead. and executed it.

Yama’s lawyers also told the court that three cases relating to Manam’s resettlement funds had been dismissed and therefore there was no reason to pursue the case. They asked the court to dismiss the case altogether.

Remanding Court Magistrate Alex Kalandi adjourned the case until today for determination and ordered bail to be extended.

Governor Yama was charged with one count of abuse of office, one count of conspiracy to defraud the state, one count of embezzlement and one count of money laundering.

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