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Filed September 19, 2021

Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, UAE online businesses have been urged to seize the opportunity and come up with new solutions to meet the needs of the modern world. As far as legal service providers are concerned, very few have crossed the barrier created by the centuries-old practices that have existed in this area. Legal Inz, an online legal services provider, is a prime example of the kind of change that turns heads both individuals and businesses.

Legal Inz is a legal consultancy firm that has used technology-driven procedures to provide a wide range of online legal services to all categories of clients. This company presents simple and economical solutions for otherwise expensive services such as drafting agreements and contracts, wills in UAE, powers of attorney, legal translation, attestation services, incorporation and general legal advice, all at an affordable, fixed price.

“Traditional law firms are still caught in the shackles of billable hours when it comes to pricing. We are past this stage because our model is based on charging all of our clients a fixed fee, which accurately reflects the value of the services provided to them. »Says Muhammad Tariq, partner at Legal Inz.

For expats working in the UAE, going to an office for legal services can be a tedious task. This is where Legal Inz stands out with its fully-fledged website, offering legal services entirely online. It has received rave reviews from their customers for being convenient and user-friendly. The whole process is streamlined as the website has dedicated pages for business and personal legal services, as well as company incorporation. The process involves filling out a simple online form for the required service. Once this is completed, a dedicated lawyer is appointed to assist you and complete the service quickly and efficiently.

“The opinions we have received come from various backgrounds, all converging on the same points, which are ease of access and professionalism. This is a testament to the fact that Legal Inz is hitting all the right marks to become the pioneers of the future of legal services, ”says Aiman ​​Fatima, Deputy Director of Legal Inz.

The world has been moving towards online processes for quite some time. The outbreak of the current pandemic has further accelerated the rate at which everything is moving to online platforms. It would not be a stretch to believe that the future of legal services would lie with firms such as Legal Inz, as their innovative model changes the landscape and the general perception of how services should be delivered by law firms to law firms. United Arab Emirates.

You can contact Legal Inz at or call 800 (LEGAL) 53425 for an affordable quote for all your legal services needs.

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