Man found lying in street in Mijas arrested for hitting paramedic trying to help him

An ambulance and its crew. / ON

The paramedic, who was punched in the left eye, had to be taken to hospital for treatment

A health worker was again the victim of assault on the part of a patient in the course of his work. On this occasion, the attack occurred in the middle of Christmas night in Mijas, when a paramedic was punched in the eye while trying to help a man lying in the street .

The events took place around half past four on Christmas morning. The health workers who were on call received a call demanding the presence of an ambulance because there was a person who seemed unconscious lying in the street, as indicated by the Sindicato Médico de Málaga (Medical Union of Malaga), who denounced this new aggression.

A team from the Primary Care Emergency Service (SUAP) in Las Lagunas immediately went to the scene by ambulance and confirmed that there was a man lying in the street. When the doctor leaned over to check on the patient and ask what had happened, the man punched him hard in the left eye, union representatives said. The assault, according to the same sources, took place without the man saying a single word. The paramedic had to be treated in hospital and the man, who was lying in the street, was arrested.

The Medical Union of Malaga reported that his colleague had already made a denunciation and informed the management of the Distrito Sanitario Costa del Sol of the event. The union has expressed its full support and made legal services available to him.

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