Methodology: how we produced the list of the best law firms in Ireland

The 2022 best law firms list is based on recommendations from lawyers working in law firms (peer-to-peer survey) and in-house lawyers (corporate legal services) in 24 different areas of law. .

All of 8,700 legal experts across Ireland and Northern Ireland were invited to participate in the survey. The sample was collected through research conducted by Statista on company websites, law societies, in publications and on employment networks such as LinkedIn. Invitations were emailed with a personalized link that could only be used once. About 12pc responded to the invitation.

In addition, legal experts could participate in the investigation by self-registering. This option was only available to those who were not among the legal experts already invited.

The survey was conducted online between March 26 and May 28, 2021, and a total of 1,084 legal professionals participated. Statista recorded the recommendations made for law firms in each area of ​​the law. Self-recommendations (recommendation from own law firm) were not allowed and therefore were not included in the assessment.

The 75 Best Law Firms in Ireland were identified based on the number of referrals they received and have been sorted alphabetically and can be found on our website.

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