New law firm Biztech takes on the big city, wins Rokt and Zip as clients

“We’re a tightly integrated organization that really engages with our customers – we’re in their Slack channels, and we’re actually a form of internal consulting.

“We really get involved, we try to understand the drivers of a business and help them unlock growth across borders in a pragmatic way.”

In fiscal 2022, the company doubled its revenue and increased its client list by 30%.

Over the past year, the company has also expanded overseas, setting up an office in the United States – which Biztech did by merging with US law firm Spillman.&Partner.

The business is now expanding to the UK and Singapore.

“This will allow us to keep pace with our current customers, increase the sophistication of our expertise and open up new opportunities for growth,” Bekker said.

“There is something inherent in the way law firms have thrived…many are partnerships that effectively have local franchises of global brands. They are not encouraged or structured to collaborate across borders.

“I designed the firm with clients first, creating the law firm I would have hired had it existed while I was at Rokt.”

While the company was founded in a boom time for local start-ups, Mr. Bekker is now helping businesses navigate a depressed funding market.

Although preferred stock is common in start-up funding rounds, he said that since the tech correction, investors have been pushing for additional preferential treatment.

“Investors try to usurp other investors in terms of the preferences they get…even in the same cycle,” he said.

“Investors are also seeking increased oversight, including board seats and observers, as well as tighter controls on companies, even with low ownership percentages. Veto rights over major or even relatively minor decisions are common. This sometimes means more “side letters” for specific investors who have a specific interest or wish to protect specific interests. »

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