Nonprofit home broken into after tech purchase estimates losses at $ 40,000

Although he appeared unharmed from the street on Monday morning, over the weekend the interior of the Dolores Street Community Services office on Valencia Street was broken into – the offices were broken into and the new delivery of computers arriving Friday were stolen, said deputy director Saúl Hidalgo.

Other items may have been stolen as well, Hidalgo said, but he and other employees had yet to assess the extent of the damage. They have been waiting for the police to arrive since they first called them on Sunday afternoon.

Since Monday evening, they are still waiting. The Mission Station is located three blocks north of the association’s offices at 938 Valencia St.

Dolores Street Community Services has a long history of providing services to the community, from homeless shelters to immigration services to legal aid. The organization also includes the San Francisco Day Labor Program and the Women’s Collective under its umbrella.

On Friday, a shipment of 11 new computers and tech equipment arrived at the main office on Valencia Street.

An office door smashed at Community Services on Dolores Street. Photo courtesy of Saúl Hidalgo

“The purchase was handled so quietly that only our operations team was aware,” Hidalgo said. “Apparently the delivery arrived very late on Friday, so we didn’t even alert the staff that they were going to get them today.”

The plan was to distribute new computers to employees on Monday, but another employee arrived Sunday afternoon to find the office in disarray.

“It’s incredibly disheartening [for] those of us who work in nonprofits, we just get used to doing more with less, ”Hidalgo said,“ and so any time one of our vital resources is used up it just makes it even more difficult. our work… ”

Hidalgo did not believe the attack was targeted because all the office windows inside were smashed and the thieves “went through everything”.

But maybe it was someone who had been inside the office before: when staff tried to review the footage from their security camera, Hidalgo said the “little peephole” in which the camera had been tampered with.

“We don’t know how many we’ll see because it was actually covered,” Hidalgo said. “We’re trying to see if there’s anything our IT guy can do… which maybe isn’t possible. ”

Perhaps the thieves knew about the Dolores Street office or its expedition, or it is possible that someone was just lucky.

A door expert examined the front of the office today to determine why the office appeared intact from the outside – meaning no one knew the break-in occurred until Sunday afternoon.

“They informed us that the door could be trapped from below and it would have taken 15 seconds to jump it,” Hidalgo said. “Anyone who knows these doors would have seen it. ”

For now, Hidalgo and his team are just waiting, frustrated by the lack of response from the police. He said they didn’t want to touch or disturb anything at the crime scene until police had made their way, and that more casualties could still be missing from individual offices.

Broken doors at Dolores Street Community Services. Photo courtesy of Saúl Hidalgo

The operations manager called for help twice yesterday and three times today, but was told that since the break-in is not an active crime scene, it is not a high priority.

He doesn’t know when the police will eventually show up, but Hidalgo said: “We will keep knocking on their door until they do.” A claim will then be submitted to insurance.

The SFPD has yet to respond to a request for comment, but this story will be updated if and when they do.

But just this afternoon, the SFPD mission station tweeted a statement about strengthening its protection of the community: “In light of recent events, @SFPDMission is implementing plan to increase police presence in our district. . We will not tolerate theft. We are committed to protecting the traders who operate within our community.

It is not known which events the tweet refers to, but Dolores Street Community Services does not appear to have obtained this protection.

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