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HOUSTON, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Onit, the leading provider of enterprise workflow solutions, including enterprise legal management (ELM) and contract lifecycle management (CLM) , and JusticeBid, LLC, a minority-owned diversity analytics firm and outside attorney selection provider, today announced its strategic technology alliance. The strong alliance between Onit and JusticeBid will provide clients with tools to improve the diversity of their external counsel and other providers. Specifically, clients can better understand their current diversity climate and find new diverse options by using JusticeBid’s external lawyer selection platform.

Earlier this year, Onit released the Enterprise Legal Reputation (ELR) report, a three-part multinational study that sheds light on the image company employees have of their legal departments, how legal professionals perceive their interactions with internal clients and the material impact Legal can have on its business – from revenue generation and operational efficiency to innovation and corporate culture. One of the key findings of the ELR report highlighted the growing importance of vendor diversity, as half of legal professionals (52%) say their service and businesses prioritize vendor diversity. suppliers, compared to 38% who pay particular attention to various hiring initiatives.

The strategic alliance with JusticeBid exemplifies Onit’s commitment to advancing DE&I in the legal ecosystem.

“As Onit is a member of the legal ecosystem and I am a diverse lawyer myself, we want to help move the needle of change in the legal industry,” said Stasha Jain, Vice President Principal and General Counsel at Onit. “By aligning with JusticeBid, Onit further confirms our efforts to foster a more inclusive supply chain by better understanding the diversity of external boards and supplier diversity programs.

Together, Onit and JusticeBid can significantly save time and money for internal legal resources. Onit solutions help corporate legal operations departments easily manage and analyze outside attorney spend while JusticeBid optimizes corporate legal department DE&I programs by supporting the complex tracking of outside attorney diversity data.

“When corporate legal departments address personnel issues, JusticeBid puts DE&I at the forefront,” said Omar Sweiss, Founder and CEO of JusticeBid. “The power of JusticeBid’s platform is that it integrates DE&I analysis into a corporate legal department’s outside counsel management program in all types of outside counsel management scenarios – panel discounting, AFA like time-based or fixed fees, consolidation, rate review, matter-level, and more.

Onit has more than 3,000 clients using its ELM and CLM solutions, and more than 100 companies access DE&I data on the JusticeBid platform, which includes data from more than 225 law firms and represents more than 45,000 lawyers.

About Onit

Onit is the leading provider of workflow solutions for Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). Onit’s comprehensive product portfolio personalizes AI-powered workflows for business, expense, vendor, and contract management. With Onit, companies can evolve the role of the legal department as the protector of the company and transform it into a business engine that materially influences the company by improving operational and economic efficiency while simultaneously contributing to a faster revenue generation and business growth.

The Onit family of companies includes SimpleLegal, AXDRAFT, Bodhala, BusyLamp and SecureDocs. Learn more at www.onit.com.

About JusticeBid

JusticeBid, headquartered in Chicago, is a minority-owned online diversity analytics and sourcing firm that is transforming the way companies integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into their business operations through data intelligence and transparency tools, and is a founding member of the “Operation Empowering Change” initiative designed to facilitate the collection of DEI data to support change in the legal industry. Legal operations teams also rely on JusticeBid’s robust SaaS RFP/e-auction technology to save time and money in finding legal services, while ensuring diverse representation of their cases.

Learn more at www.JusticeBid.com.


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