Pons IP launches Singular TM

Pons IP, a global intellectual property consultancy, announced the launch of Singular TM, an ALSP (Alternative Legal Service Provider) business line created for the registration of trademarks in Spain and the EU through a 100% online platform that automates the registration application process.

Singular TM allows individuals and SMEs from any country in the world to access a trademark registration service in Spain and the European Union, completely online.

Through this launch, Pons IP opens a line of business that will cover the needs of a client profile, such as entrepreneurs and small businesses anywhere in the world, which already requires an administrative procedure to be carried out competitively, autonomously and fully on line.

The CEO of Pons IP, Nuria Marcos (pictured), appreciated the relevance of the launch of Singular TM within the consulting firm’s new portfolio of services and as part of Pons IP’s digital transformation process.

“With Singular TM, we will expand our natural customer base by bringing professional IP management closer to the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world who need to go through an administrative process and don’t know where to turn,” said Marcos.

“The application of technology in the legal sector is already a reality in the world, as the market shows us every day and as studies also reflect. This launch will also be very positive internally, as it will allow us to optimize the costs of administrative processes and repetitive tasks, allowing our experts to focus on value-added services and strategic consulting to be more competitive,” said concluded the head of PONS IP. .

Pons IP launches Singular TM

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