Promotions at an employee-owned law firm

clockwise from top left: Catherine Carlton, Thomas Chartres-Moore, Ian Thomas, Tim Walmsley and Thea Bennun

Employee-owned law firm Stephens Scown has promoted nine members of its team into a range of specialist legal services.

Five lawyers were promoted to partners, including Thea Bennun, specialist in divorce and marriage financing, Catherine Carlton, specialist in corporate and commercial law, Thomas Chartres-Moore, lawyer specializing in intellectual property and IT who also heads the team. of the firm’s food and beverage sector. Litigation Specialist Ian Thomas; and Chartered Legal Officer Tim Walmsley, who heads the firm’s public sector team.

In addition to these promotions, Stephens Scown has also recently recruited partners outside the firm, including family law specialist Jill Bruce, and Aimee Barrable and John Beesley, who have joined the firm’s commercial real estate team.

Sean Jenner, who specializes in corporate insolvency and commercial affairs, and Mark Forsey, who specializes in commercial real estate, have been promoted to senior partner.

At the same time, family law lawyers Kirstin Sibley, specialist in divorce and matrimonial finance / estate protection, and Harriet Wigmore, also specializing in divorce and marital finance issues as well as private child labor, have were appointed partners.

Richard Baker, Managing Partner of Stephens Scown, said: “It has been the most difficult of years for all of us, so it is all the more important to recognize and reward the wealth of experience and fantastic expertise that our newly promoted colleagues bring to the firm in their different specialties.

“This recognition and career progression is well deserved and I look forward to seeing the continued impact these colleagues will have within the firm in the months and years to come.

Despite the unprecedented challenges we have faced over the past year, our continued focus on customer service and employee experience has allowed us to continue to grow as a business, and these promotions will play a role. strategic role in creating new growth opportunities in the near future. “

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