Review: The Message Behind La La Land Kind Café

La La Land Kind Cafe is not only a popular cafe, but also a restaurant with the aim of spreading kindness and helping young people learn life skills.

In 2019, François Reihani, Forbes 30 under 30 winner in 2021, based coffee. They have four locations: Three in Dallas and one recently opened on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.

The colorful boutique is filled with inspirational quotes on merchandise and around coffee, as well as accents of their signature bright white and yellow. Their mission is to spread kindness and embrace his authentic self. Moreover, they believe that people are more important than profits putting their employees and customers first, while having a successful business. They also encourage companies to give back to their workers and their community.

While people line up for their matcha lattes and avocado toast, many don’t know the message behind the coffee’s creation. In 2017, the owners of La La Land created the “We are One Project” to help adolescents who have not been placed in foster care to become independent adults. Initially, they provided mentoring, housing, placement and therapy, but they found that many employers required work experience.

This new program aid teens gain work experience, learn to work with others, make meaningful connections and add a job to their resumes. A percentage of their profits goes to this organization, which allows companies to come together to hire young people in foster care.

La La Land offers a eight week internship program for youth in foster care where they teach life skills, on-the-job training, customer service training and mentoring. Subsequently, at the end of the program, they continue to assist with placement, housing, education and therapy.

La La Land also hires people with special needs, who work in unison with young people in foster care.

“I admire how La La Land makes it a priority to take care of the well-being of the community, its employees and its customers. They manage to have a positive and upbeat coffee, while serving delicious food at the same time! said Esha Sangha.

They are definitely a classic LA restaurant with a separate vegan menu and sections dedicated only to the different toasts, lattes and teas from their main menu. Their specialty drinks include a Lavender Bloom Matcha Latte, which is purple, and a blue Butterfly Matcha Latte inspired Fruity Pebbles. Their “truffle burrata” and “la la la dream toast” are among their most requested items.

The combination of a positive message and delicious food provides a special dining experience that La La Land hopes to expand to other restaurants across the country.

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