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Maura Brandt, Marketing Director, Crowell & Moring

How have your marketing efforts evolved over the past five years?

I joined Crowell & Moring in November 2019, a few months before moving to a remote work environment following COVID-19. For a new marketing director, this presented both challenges and enormous opportunities. It allowed me, at such an early stage in my tenure, to see how the firm responded to a situation unprecedented for our clients, our industry and our firm.

What I have come to appreciate and see played out time and time again to benefit our clients and our community is the strength of Crowell’s culture and what we call the “low walls”. The firm takes problem-solving collaboration to a whole new level, whether it’s one-on-one with a client, building interdisciplinary teams or working seamlessly with other advisors. external.

… COVID-19 has resulted in the acceleration of our interdisciplinary initiatives, the expansion of proven channels and the replication of already existing collaborative working group structures.

The firm’s instinct for collaboration and the firm’s commitment to identifying and aligning resources and talent in a way that directly meets client needs has enabled us to quickly help clients deal with new and unprecedented situations. – not just what was immediately in front of them, but around the next two corners.

As a firm with deep regulatory roots and valuable experience in government litigation, we were able to quickly build working groups and deploy teams across the firm to cover both important areas and different geographic jurisdictions. . This allowed us to be agile and forward-looking and strategize on the expertise we could offer our clients to mitigate risk and provide them with the essential responses they needed to create plans and short- and long-term intervention strategies.

We did all this by prioritizing above all constant communication with our customers, by developing approaches and offers adapted to the unique and shared problems that our customers were facing. We have also used valuable and established channels, such as our customer service teams and our weekly meetings with our partners, to understand our customers’ needs, share ideas, highlight critical and timely expertise, and identify support and solutions. value-driven solutions.

Communication is central to our commitment to customer service and has been critical to how we have responded throughout the pandemic and how we continue to respond and serve our customers. Communication, and our focus on ensuring that we reflect the “voice of the client” in all dimensions of our marketing program, includes regular interaction from the lawyers who work most closely with the client beyond the work we have on. privilege to manage. It also includes inviting clients to tell us about topics that are important to them, executive visits by our President, timely programming and substantive ideas, and ongoing feedback.

How does your marketing department drive strategic plans and lead the charge in times of change?

Across Marketing, Customer Service and Industry Focused Business Development, Events and CRM, Content and Communications, our professionals consistently demonstrate their ability to not only develop and lead a strategy, but also to be able to pivot, which – as we have learned over the past 18 months – is essential.

As I mentioned earlier, both instinctively and deliberately, we prioritize the “voice of the customer” in what we do. The pandemic forced us to create a whole new game plan – a plan that prioritized our professionals working side-by-side with our lawyers not only to anticipate client needs, but to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and appreciate business and legal challenges, as well as significant human challenges.

The department has worked collectively, collaboratively and intelligently, sharing best practices, identifying creative solutions and products, and tapping into the expertise, diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our professionals.

Additionally, through both formal and informal interactions, our team leaned on each other to find better and different approaches and produce value-driven customer offerings. They have also assisted our client relations lawyers by ensuring that we connect the right points to provide our clients with the best answers and the right solutions.

One of the notable things about 2020, and through 2021, was that Crowell & Moring has grown significantly, attracting new side partners and partner groups, to meet the growing and diverse needs of our clients. It was essential that we integrate these new branches with a real focus on connecting them where they were needed most – customers who would benefit from their expertise. In addition, we quickly identified opportunities to have them join our continuing range of webinars and other timely programs, and participate in the “expert programs” that we have assembled to educate clients on the areas. critical importance and impact to help them think about not just the immediate, but what to follow.

Our business development, marketing and communications professionals play a critical leadership role in designing and facilitating our lateral onboarding process.

What is the most effective marketing channel in your business?

While not what one might traditionally define as a “marketing channel,” two of our most effective customer relationship tools are our customer service teams and our development and development committee. business acceptance (“BDAC”).

Our formal and informal customer service teams are structured to ensure that we operate in an informed, proactive, coordinated and customer-driven manner. Our BDAC is responsible for both identifying and implementing programs to support and advance our commitment to customer service excellence. But this committee, which includes lawyers and business development professionals, is also in many ways an incubator and catalyst for new ideas and initiatives to ensure that we continue to provide the highest level of service excellence to our clients. .

Our customer service teams and the BDAC are responsible for many of the new ideas and initiatives that we end up formalizing and implementing as a business.

What marketing and business development initiatives born out of COVID-19 will be used in the future?

I would say COVID-19 has resulted in the acceleration of our interdisciplinary initiatives, the expansion of proven channels, and the replication of already existing collaborative working group structures. This allowed us to quickly and efficiently bring together the right expertise.

Our efforts have also benefited from a proven model of bringing together lawyers and our business development, communications and marketing professionals, to think not only about the solutions we need to provide to our clients, but also in the most efficient way. to share and provide information and ideas, both externally and internally. Things moved quickly and we had to keep pace with not only answers and ideas, but also creative delivery models that met the needs of our customers.

Our adoption of interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches and structures enhances our ability to serve our clients in a proactive, effective and efficient manner.

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