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This law firm bravely fought for homeowner fairness during the pandemic and continues to fight for justice

Known for their old-fashioned customer service using cutting edge technology, Tamer Law Corp provides unparalleled service to their clients while charging the most affordable price in the eviction industry. This law firm was founded in 2008 by lawyer Steven Tamer representing both real estate, landlord and tenants in eviction litigation.

Specializing in legal issues surrounding landlord and tenant rights, the Tamer Law Corp team uses their knowledge and experience to help landlords manage their rental property and tenant relocation. With an overwhelming passion for doing the right thing, Steven Tamer dominates the eviction industry and effectively handles tenant and landlord law challenges.

There is an ongoing controversy regarding owners and the appropriate remuneration for their services. Land Lords have helped more people take shelter in place than most groups during the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the government does not believe they should be paid for their services. During the pandemic, the government banned landlords from evicting if their tenants did not pay rent during that time.

Asked about his thoughts on the pandemic and the government’s action plan, lawyer Steven Tamer said, “How can the government stop landlords from collecting rent without paying landlords for their services? Does the government believe that tenants should be allowed to stay in their homes without rent? The owners are not responsible for the common good. The government is responsible for the common good.

Due to inconsistent government implementation during the pandemic, homeowners across the United States were left with little to no income. There are established policies regarding those who earn little or no money or suffer lost wages, such as food stamps, Medicaid, Section 8, etc. Mr. Tamer acknowledged how the rent waiver for months had affected landowners tremendously. Moved with compassion, attorneys at Tamer Law Corp provide legal advice and representation without showing bias.

Lawyer Steven Tamer believes the government should use its voucher system to ensure that all homeowners are paid for the major contribution they have made to allow people to shelter in place during the Covid 19 pandemic , and rightly so. The results of the lack of compensation for homeowners are astounding, but Tamer Law Corp continues to help homeowners during this difficult time. This law firm allows clients to initiate an eviction, ask a question or submit information 24 hours a day. This standard sets them apart from other law firms in the eviction industry.

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