The Bad Batch: Omega Gains Another Mentor In Echo

In Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Hunter was named as Omega’s main mentor, but another member of Clone Force 99 is committed to helping him.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 6, “Decommissioned,” streaming now on Disney +.

The start of Star wars: The bad lot seemed to set up Hunter as Omega’s main mentor on Clone Force 99. However, “Rampage” and now “Decommissioned” showed Echo stepping into the role, guiding her through the grudge mission to teaching her how to wield her new bow. Echo’s mentorship is primarily focused on teaching Omega as a soldier, an approach that is rooted in Echo’s focus on regulations and order throughout. Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Echo began to act as a mentor to Omega on “Rampage”. When Omega received his communication badge, Echo was the first to tell him that communication was not a toy. He was also the one who explained to Omega the horrors of slavery and emphasized the rescue part of their mission rather than monetary gain. After Echo and the other adult members of the Bad Batch were captured during their mission, Echo quickly figured out how best to tell Omega to help the team get their gear, which was a calculated risk considering circumstances. He also took her with him as they freed the other captives from the Zygerrian slavers. This decision could have been a way for Echo to take Omega away from the danger of the main battle, but he also saw the release of the captives as the most important part of their mission.

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In “Degraded,” the episode began with Echo teaching Omega how to shoot his crossbow. Throughout the lesson, Echo emphasized how soldiers train. When Omega got discouraged, Echo told him that she had to “learn to eliminate distractions, which comes with practice.” Cid pointed out that Omega also needed more strength. However, Echo’s rating turned out to be more accurate as Omega was a much better shot at the end of the episode, and she attributed her new skill to “eliminating distractions.” While Omega may learn best under pressure, this moment also shows that Echo’s mentorship is having an impact on her.

Looking at Echo’s story in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, his teaching style makes sense. From its introduction to Star wars universe In Season 1, Episode 5, “Rookies,” Echo focused on the rules, regulations, and re-reading of the manual, a concern his Domino teammates ridiculed him for. Echo’s focus on regulations could have been a coping mechanism to be forced into a role his team was not prepared for; The episode’s opening narration noted that the war led to shortened training periods for the Clone Squads, leaving the new squads less prepared for future battles.

Yet Echo’s emphasis on rules and his struggles to adjust predate his first assignment. The first episode of Season 3, “Clone Cadets”, takes place chronologically before the start of the series and focuses on the training of Domino Squad. Throughout the episode, Echo constantly repeated the orders the team had received, not trusting that his fellow cadets overheard them. This earned him the nickname Echo, which he especially hated at first, but gradually accepted over the series. Jedi Master Shaak-ti said that “Whoever they call Echo never adapts to the situation.” So even during his training, Echo struggled to cope with change.

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However, during Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Echo was forced to adapt to situations that most people might find extremely difficult, including being blown up, presumed dead, used as an algorithm for separatists, and seen as a potential threat upon his return to the world. army of the Republic. While this was not noticed in “De-Ranked,” Echo fulfilled a role similar to that of the Tactical Droids during his capture by the Separatists, especially because of his knack for strategy.

Echo also grew up to think beyond textbooks and take risks. In Season 7, Episode 4, “Unfinished Business,” even Hunter found Echo’s plans to secure victory over Anaxes to be far riskier than many of Clone Force 99’s exploits. Echo’s willingness to take these Risk may have been one of the reasons Hunter offered Echo a spot in the Bad Batch. However, it is important to note that Echo is willing to adapt and take these risks when he feels they serve a higher purpose, like saving other people or defeating enemies, like the separatists, who ‘Echo sees threats as unambiguous.

So these scenes from Star Wars: The Wrong Lot show that even though Echo has become much more adaptable, it still focuses on the rules and regulations that defined it at the start of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Although he has been ridiculed for prioritizing these rules and orders during training, his balance between risk and regulation makes him an effective teacher for Omega. While Omega’s primary mentor remains Hunter, Echo also plays an important role in preparing the child for the runaway life of the Empire.

Created by Dave Filoni, Star Wars: The Bad Batch stars Dee Bradley Baker, Michelle Ang, Andrew Kishino and Ming-Na Wen. New episodes air Fridays on Disney +.

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