The new edition of “Advokaten 1938” sheds light on lawyers during the fates of the Nazi era

The “Anschluss” of Austria in 1938 meant the end of professional life for many Austrian lawyers. Their fate is described in the new edition of the book “Advokaten 1938”.

VIENNA, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “The Association for Research into the Professional History of Discredited Austrian Bar Members 1938-1945”, which is the publisher of the book “Advokaten 1938”, published in November 2010presents the second edition of its publication dealing with the fate of 2,200 lawyers and trainee lawyers registered with the regional bars of Austria on January 1st1938, who were prohibited either from continuing their education or from practicing as a lawyer from 1938 to 1945.

A new edition highlights trainee lawyers

This second edition of “Advokaten 1938” contains for the first time not only the biographies of lawyers but also those of the many trainee lawyers who have been deprived of their means of subsistence or whose lives have been eradicated. And it also speaks of the life and work of others, who either have returned Austria and resumed the practice of the profession of lawyer or those who have been able to acquire a qualification to practice the same profession or a similar profession abroad.

Through this book, the Austrian Bars wish to remember the fate of 2,200 Austrian lawyers and trainees who experienced the most horrible things under the Nazi regime in Austria. A memento that is not only dedicated to dealing with the immensely negative aspects of recent Austrian history, but which aims to keep the memory of these Austrian lawyers and trainees alive.

Global Distribution Ensures Commemoration

The academic contributions of the authors Prof. dr. Ilse Reiter-Zatloukal (Vienna Law School) and historian Dr. Barbara Sauer in this second edition of “Advokaten 1938” present their recent research results and thus offer new perspectives. This second edition of “Advokaten 1938” is published in English to enable all those who wish to preserve the memory of the victims to understand their fates and the story behind each.

dr. Alix Frank-Thomasser the initiator of the book and president of the editorial board, is strongly involved in its creation: “It seems relatively easy to express the history of the Austrian legal profession 1938-1945 in anonymized figures. That’s not what happened here. a personal commemoration was made possible for the first time.”

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