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The South African Read for Fun campaign Nali’ibali has taken a further step in promoting and encouraging a reading culture, by strengthening the literacy mentoring program.

This initiative complements existing programs – all aimed at tackling the country’s high rate of illiteracy, which stands at 78% among Gr. 4 learners.

Nal’ibali has been working since 2012 to produce locally relevant and culturally contextualized stories in all South African languages.

Lack of access to recreational reading materials and books in different African languages ​​has been found to be one of the major contributing factors to illiteracy in South Africa.

Two book activists from Dealesville in the Free State who run a reading program in Tshwaraganang Township, Vuyisile Nombila (28) and Nthabiseng Kgakatsi (30), were employed as Story Sparkers.

Both ensure that the mission of the Nal’ibali campaign is effectively implemented through their mentoring and reading skills.

They ensure that books and stories come to life for children in languages ​​they understand.

Their daily activities include organizing literacy-related events and activations, delivering books and other reading materials, raising awareness of the importance of reading and sharing stories and inspiring others. communities to get involved.

As most of her peers are hampered by socio-economic constraints, Nombila feels lucky to have been able to pursue higher education.

Her dream is that the young people in her community will have the opportunity to progress in life through education.

“The social ills that affect young people in my community are linked to limited resources and lack of access to education. I decided to get active and joined Nal’ibali, seeking to change the status quo, ”Nombila said.

According to Kgakatsi, his passion for working with children and reading influenced his decision to become Story Sparker for Nal’ibali.

“I am a strong supporter of any initiative designed to develop children’s life skills, which is why I joined Nal’ibali.”

  • The public can support the project either by donating on or by registering to become a FUNda leader.

This is the network of volunteers of literacy activists from Nal’ibali. It’s free and anyone can sign up.

Members will receive training on reading and sharing stories with children at home, school or in the community and will be connected to many stories in different South African languages.

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