Tom Cruise’s Lawyers on 45 Days for Mission Impossible 7 Theatrical Window

Tom Cruise and Paramount would fight over the mission impossible 7 theatrical window and now Cruise’s lawyers are involved.

The development of mission impossible 7 has been a wild ride – from last-minute sub additions to multiple Covid fiascos to Tom Cruise’s on-set rants. The latest is Paramount’s changing stance on where it wants to go with its streaming service and how it affects its movie slate as a whole, and specifically how it relates to the latest two installments of the Impossible mission franchise.

Tom Cruise’s normal three-month theatrical window is under threat due to pressure from Paramount for a 45-day window to bolster their streaming service. However, this goes against the interests of Cruise, who makes much of his money from box office sales. The reason the studio doesn’t override Cruise’s interests is because of the influence he wields over the studio, as the actor is one of their biggest assets and has made $3.6 billion over the past 30 years. years he played Ethan Hunt.

In fact, Cruise has so much influence that he was even able to stop a Impossible mission television series to come to fruition. With an ever-bloated budget and multiple delays, there’s a lot of talk the future of the franchise at Paramount.

” You would do [Mission: Impossible] 7 and 8 even if you had a full roster,” a studio veteran points out. “They weren’t very expensive by Marvel, Bond standards.”

At the London ground, there was treatment but no scripts. “The hardest part of running a studio is your desperate need for tent poles,” says an executive who helmed a previous Cruise movie. “If you don’t have a locked script, it’s impossible to pencil [the budget] outside.”

“Jim was bridging what [Paramount’s] Chari [Redstone] and [president and CEO] Bob [Bakish] wanted and what Jim felt was the right thing to do,” which was to protect the relationship with Cruise. “Part of the reason [Jim] is gone is that Shari and Bob thought they could wave a “magic wand” and persuade the star to agree to the shortened window. That wasn’t the case.

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“For him, 45 days is like going day to day,” a Paramount source says of Tom’s perspective.

“It wasn’t an easy thing for Jim to do,” an insider commenting on former Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos’ speech to Cruise told Cruise. “Tom is so committed to acting.”

CEO and President Bob Bakish reportedly told Jim, “It’s going to be a very different studio going forward, like you’ve never run before,” before Gianopulos left.

A Paramount insider said Bakish indicated “that going forward, the studio is going to be much more tightly integrated into the business.” It seemed like code for restoring the studio to the streaming service and away from major theatrical releases.

A familiar Tom Cruise movies laughed at how Paramount and its executives would deal with the Impossible mission star, “Tom says what he wants and the studio says what he wants. And then Tom gets what he asked for.

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