What Are the Causes of Surgical Errors in Mississippi?

Patients undergoing surgery in Mississippi may feel apprehensive before their intervention. All surgeries, from the quickest and minimally invasive to the most extensive, have their implications and potential risks. Of all the dangers that a patient could face as a result of their operation, medical errors should not be one of them. When you meet with your doctor and they are determined that you need surgery, they will discuss with you any negative aspects of the procedure that may result and that you should be aware of. They will also tell you how common these problems are. What is not included in their list of possible side effects are human errors and mistakes they might make during the operation.

Surgical errors occur every year in the United States and according to research from John’s Hopkins University, 4,000 surgical errors occur each year in the country. In fact, the cases seen in the study from 1990 to 2010 showed that a surgeon left a foreign body in a patient’s body an average of 39 times per week. Another event that would happen about 20 times a week would be not performing the right surgery on a patient or having the surgery on the wrong part of the body.

How do surgical errors occur?

When a surgical error occurs, the potential it has to negatively impact and harm a patient is considerable. In some cases, a person can develop lifelong illness from the mistakes or die. These side effects were not what a patient had prepared for before embarking on the procedure and coming to the hospital to have it. As a result, a patient suffering from surgical errors in Mississippi will be able to file a file. Mississippi medical malpractice lawsuit for compensation. It is best that if you have been injured by the negligence of a surgeon or other doctor in Mississippi, you get in touch with an experienced specialist. Mississippi Medical Malpractice Lawyer for effective legal advice and help with your claim.

Surgical errors in Jackson can occur in a number of ways, including:

  • Poor communication between staff.
  • System problems and inaccuracies.
  • Misdiagnose a person’s state of health.
  • A distracted surgeon.
  • A surgeon too tired and tense.

No one should have to suffer the consequences of surgical errors. Surgical errors are among the most appalling types of medical malpractice that can happen to a person and also among the most serious. When hospital staff or the surgeon fail to show a patient the due diligence they deserve and that patient suffers harm, legal action should be taken.

Speak with a Mississippi medical malpractice lawyer today

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