“Who is Babalola Disu?” Defense lawyers argue for another potential suspect

Lawyer Chidinma Ojukwu, the prime suspect in the murder of Michael Usifo, CEO of Super TV, questioned prosecution witnesses on Wednesday about the possibility of a more likely suspect in the murder case.

The lawyer, Onwuka Egwu, who cross-examined the witnesses, asked several questions about a certain Babalola Disu and his possible connection to the murder.

Nkechi Mogbo, the owner of the apartment where Mr. Usifo was murdered, had already appeared in court to testify at the trial.

Abubakar Mohammed, the security man at the property, also reported on what happened while Ms. Ojukwu was staying in the apartment.

During the cross-examination of witnesses, one name was prominent in Mr. Egwu’s questions to witnesses – Babalola Disu.

Who is Babalola Disu?

According to the accounts of Mrs. Mogbo and Mr. Mohammed, Mr. Disu is the occupant of the room closest to the apartment where Mr. Usifo was murdered.

He was also a tenant in the apartment, which left two days after the incident. Mr. Disu’s profession or identity is unknown.

Even if Mr. Disu was arrested alongside Chidinma’s father, Onoh Ojukwu, for failing to report a crime to the police, he was later released on bail.

The DPP’s opinion on the case exonerated Mr Disu, saying he had no business to answer in the murder incident.

Despite his acquittal by the state prosecution team, Mr. Disu’s name kept ringing in the courtroom, with the defense attorney making him the basis of most of his questions. for witnesses.

During cross-examination of Ms. Mogbo, owner of the apartment where Mr. Usifo was killed, Mr. Egwu asked whether Mr. Disu had requested the services of a carpenter during the time of the murder and for what purpose.

Mr Egwu also said that the owner of the apartment did not ask about Mr Disu’s unusual request as she was familiar with the nature of the carpentry job.

Ms Mogbo, who confirmed the tenant requested the services of a carpenter, said the claim that she knew why he made the request was false.

Security man account

Responding to the attorney’s question about Mr. Disu’s activities at the property, Mr. Mohammed, the security man, said that Mr. Disu requested that his apartment be charged on June 13, the same. day that Ms. Ojukwu had taken an apartment on the property.

He said that between 11:30 a.m. and noon on June 13, Mr. Disu was transferred to a two-bedroom apartment, next to the studio Ms. Ojukwu had taken.

“He came to see me that Sunday and got my wife’s number that he wanted to move to the two-bedroom apartment upstairs.”


Mr. Mohammed said Mr. Disu’s belongings were moved by workers to the new apartment while he was not there.

“Mr. Babalola was not there from Sunday to Tuesday due to the Monday public holiday,” he said.

Continuing with his response, Mr. Mohammed said that Mr. Disu was a first time tenant in the apartment.

“On Monday, Toyin, Mr. Babalola’s girlfriend or wife came, he was not there,” he said.

The security man said that when the lady came, she begged him to inform her when Mr. Disu returned to the apartment as there was a “problem” between them.

She told Mr. Mohammed that Mr. Disu took his car and did not return it and that he had withdrawn money from his account.

Murder day

Mr. Mohammed said that on Tuesday evening, the day Ms. Ojukwu left the apartment with a small bag and did not return, Toyin, Mr. Disu’s “boyfriend” came.

“Mr. Babalola’s girlfriend, Toyin, came on Tuesday with her driver and porter. They parked in front of the gate.

The security man said after a short time he heard noise coming from their apartment as he went to pump water.

“There was a serious fight between Mr. Babalola and his girlfriend. I went there to say they shouldn’t make noise because other people were in the compound.

Mr. Mohammed said that after his intervention, he left for the gate and Mr. Disu immediately followed him, leaving his girlfriend in the apartment.

He said that Mr. Disu stood at the door for a while, smoking cigarettes and making calls.

“Around midnight, Mr. Babalola called me to tell me that he needed a carpenter. I said okay, by tomorrow, ”the security man said.

He said that the next day, Wednesday, when asked about the carpenter, he called his employer’s brother, Mr. Chika, to let him know about the tenant’s request.

“I asked if he paid a damage deposit fee and Mr. Chika said he paid and I shouldn’t be worried.”

It was on Wednesday that Mr. Usifo’s body was discovered in the apartment, following a complaint from Confidence, the apartment cleaner, the door to Mr. Usifo’s apartment was open.

Mr Mohammed said Mr Disu was due to leave on Thursday and as he was about to leave the premises he asked if he could help him put some of his belongings in the room.

“I asked Mr. Babalola why he needed the carpenter and he pointed to the door to the other apartment (where the deceased was murdered).

“I called my lady brother, Chika on Thursday and told him that when I asked Mr. Babalola why he needed the carpenter and that he showed the door where the thing happened,” said Mr. Mohammed.

When asked if Mr. Disu was aware of the incident that took place in the apartment next door, Mr. Mohammed said none of the other tenants were aware of what had happened. pass.

“I didn’t tell anyone what happened,” he said.

Ms Mogbo, the owner of the apartment, also told the court earlier that other people in the apartment did not know about the incident until much later, with some staying for up to a week after the event. ‘incident.

After cross-examination of the witness, the judge, Yetunde Adesanya, adjourned the case until November 25 for the trial to continue.

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