Why are lawyers more powerful than the police? – The 6 best reasons

In terms of time and investment, becoming a lawyer is a colossal task. Law school and passing the bar are two difficult tasks. Understanding what’s great about this career and being able to see it on the horizon can help you stay motivated at times. Moreover, when you compare this law with other conventional professions, the beauty of this legitimate career increases. In this article, we’ll explain why lawyers are always more professional and powerful than cops.

Here are the main reasons lawyers are more powerful than the police.

1. The wealth

Lawyers are one of the highest paid legal experts, most earning far more than the state average. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual compensation of all lawyers was $ 120,910 in 2018, however, the best lawyers in the world can earn salaries in the millions of dollars. On the other hand, the conventional cop’s salary is not very attractive.

However, remember that not all lawyers make a lot of money. It varies depending on company size, amount of experience, and location. Lawyers who work in large law firms, in large cities, or in high-demand specialties earn the most money. Those who work for government, like legal aid programs, are in a different situation.

2. International relations

For generations, lawyers have been at the heart of society. As lawmakers and opinion leaders, they are in a unique position to influence societal change. They draft laws, preside over the judiciary and hold positions of power in government. They can influence key officials and leaders, as well as bring about change in the world.

3. Generic working environment

The majority of lawyers work in law firms, administrations and companies. Lawyers often work in four-wall offices, although cubicles have become the norm in the modern workplace. Those who work for larger companies have access to more luxurious accommodations, more support staff, and a variety of office benefits, such as gym memberships and lodges for sports matches.

4. Love people – because you are helping them!

Lawyers are in a unique position to help individuals, groups and organizations solve legal problems while advancing the public interest. The interest of public lawyers supports legal cases for the greater good of society and helps those who might otherwise not be able to afford a lawyer.

Volunteer work is often done by lawyers in private practice to help low-income people and under-represented groups, such as the elderly, victims of domestic violence and children. Many lawyers, in fact, hire lawyers to volunteer a certain number of hours each year.

5. A prestigious position

For millennia, the legal profession has been associated with distinction. Lawyers have joined an elite group of professions that command respect and exemplify the definition of success, with impressive credentials and a degree of influence over others.

Lawyers have a distinct professional status and are often portrayed in the media as glamorous.

6. Knowledge of the law

Lawyers only have authority because of their exceptional legal expertise; they use their legal knowledge like a sword and attend court to protect and save their clients. In relation to the police, lawyers have no influence outside the courtroom and are not entitled to receive salaries and public benefits.

Our common basic principles of access to justice, autonomy, diversity and the legal system unite us as a profession and allow us to make a difference.

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